Monday, February 28, 2005

Singin' in the Rain - Mint Royale

tennis on that big dubai hotel shaped like a sail, crazy? yes, fun if someone falls off? yes.

kinda had problems with the blog at the moment, hit counter being up ^ somewhere and links arent workin in Internet explorer....shall be sorted in time.

i had an above average weekend and now find myslf at the comp on a monday evening, bored. this shouldnt be so, im never bored! im sure ill find something to keep me satisfied....

news on my ear: no more operations!!!!! wooo....conclusion from my last op wasnt good tho.
i COULD have been deaf if it wasnt treated within 2 weeks, which could result in even more damge in the ear which would possibly give me a brain haemorrage....shit.
but im contemplating a hearign aid at the mo....costs a grand tho...

driving test in 2 weeks....

take it easy

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

She Really Got me On...

MATT's Cake...

Tune to kick start the weekend:

"C-Mos: 2 million Ways (Axwell Vibe Remix)"

Top 10:

Audio Booty's ft. Nancy Sinatra : Bang Bang
Kill Bill Soundtrack: Twisted Nerve
Frank Sinatra: My Way
Jamie Cullum: Singin in the Rain (Mint Royale Mix)
Paul Johnson: She Got Me On
LCD Soundsystem: Daft Punk is playing at my house
Franz Ferdinand: Michael
Raffi: Bananaphone
Destinys Child vs. Tomcraft: Lonliness (Cut Up Boys Mix)
ABDC: This Feelin'
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Friday, February 25, 2005

Thoughts of the day...Vol 3

Im sat with my dear friend Falis, he is now goin to tell me what his thoughts are for the day...

So over to you Falis...

Tune of the day: Queen: Don't Stop Me Now

Word of the day: Weeble

Game of the day: Accrington Stanley (Football on the Astro when its snowing....)

Sport of the day: Tiddlywinks

Sandwich of the day: Pot Noodle with Cheese Sandwich...hmmmm.

Cereal or Breakfast good of the day: Golden Nuggets.

Supermodel of the day: Bridgette Nielson "a bit manly"

Subject of the day: Lazers

Blog of the day:

Random Word:
Aardvark Vacuum

So after another installment its goodbye from me "take it easy" and goodbye from Falis, he leaves with the following quote:

"calm down dear, its just a commercial" michael winner.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Sort ya shit out then roll, sex, drugs and on the dole..."


quotes of the week:
  • "ha u seen my weiner?"
  • "You rock my socks"
  • "have u ever heard of thing called 'butter'....?"
  • "can i have a tenner?"
bonjour dude's and dudette's and welcome again to the weir and wacky world of one. btw after pressure from d&c i have to proove my sexuality. IM NOT GAY! well only 17% (take the test click here)

today has been more exciting than usual. IT snowed,
yay. I love the nsow, im sure you do so yourself. Of cors this snow caused for a snowball fight between the older and the younger students in the school. This was fun.

urm... had a few games of monopoly too which im quite new at having never really played properly before. I won one after all other contestants were disqualified for cheating.

this weekend is the last weekend of feb so shall be busy in action throughout.
Tonight im off into town then friday we go straight to my old workplace of the DOGS! for matthews birthday party. Saturday promises to be a busy night at ASK and shall be back on the bar hopefully after a stint of waitering.

top 5:
1: Run Jermies: Window Licker (X Rated Lick)
2: DJ Sammy: Heaven (Candlelight Remix)
3: The Rapture: House of Jealous Lovers
4: Faithless: God is a DJ
5: Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Audio Booty's...

Girl i wanna take u into my room...

Ok, yesterday cos of the lack of footy i created several amazing remixes even by my standards....

Some bootlegs including an Eminem/Kylie Collaboration....
Lookin to get some streets lyrics into it but the album is copyrighted, just need a decent sound bite...

Today, back at skool and things were trippy... something is wrong with me. Maybe its my lack of sleep coping with Cara-Mel's games...Insomnia 2005!
Maybe its the indecision about what to do...
Maybe its curiosity cos of the meeting i face with my surgeon in the coming days....

oh i dunno but im sufferring....

"I was 5 and she was 6
We rode on horses made of sticks
She wore black and i wore white
She would always win the fight
Bang Bang
She shot me down
Bang Bang
I hit the ground
Bang Bang
That Awful Sound
Bang Bang
My Baby shot me....

down, down, down...."

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

miss you less, see you more

Extended weekend, Extended Mix
Welcome to the weekend

Kicking Start the Weekend Track:
"Raven Maize: The Real Life"

"Millionaire Notting hill based movie star,with personal boat and chauffeur, with a large "wallet" seeks gullible young blonde"

Not many plans this week other than the usual, Work, Cricket, Football.
Had not a bad half term, saw people that i didnt expect to see...
im feelin as if im pretty much back to normal now after my illness and find myself wondering "how i actually am"....yunno when people say "how are you" you will respond generally by saying "yeh, fine" etc...
well im feeling very strange, more than usual....and i dont know why.

Found a new tune (see track two) its absolutley amazing!!!!!! no it reli is...

back to skool on monday and will not be put down. Coursework needs to be done pretty quickly but tht will be all tht i mention regarding to school.

Updated Face Party account, dusting off the cob webs....

Essential Tunes:

1. Mario Winans: I just wanna love you
2. New Radicals vs. LMV: Dont let go
3. Nathan: Come into my room
4. Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
5. Faithless: Insomnia/ god is a dj
6. Freemasons: Love on my mind
7. Audio Booty's: Bang Bang
8. Athelte: Modern Mafia
9. LL Cool J: Hush
10. David Guetta: The world is mine
11. Ciara: Goodies

Shout's to:

Emma: "hwello, just thought id mention urself, nice day shopping?"
Cricketers: "Fancy a net? next thursday/friday?"
Mel: "Well i have to mention you dont i? look forward to monopoly and more insomnia?"
Damo: "How soon for Damo's House"
Charlie: "Swap Football Factory for Meet the Fockers?? just temporarily?"
Kenny: "Cheers for the quote"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"fooking legend"


magical trevor is back
and hes got a new trick
magical trevor is ten times as slick
as the last time,
the last time you saw him
now you can see why we really adore him
you might think his magic is sick
sawing a pigeon in half with a stick
look at the pigeon now its in 2
oh my its rear end is having a poo
look at the mess in aisle 2
aisle 2, that the place where we saw the 'ragu'

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Cupid visited me...

So yeh this is Pat Sharp, He is from The popular childrens TV programme, Fun House. Which was awesome.

This is a funny link...really funny.

Further information....

On the sunday, Red Ball Rovers "Won" quite well on the 'next goal win' basis yet is shown to be a defeat on the official power league site. damn.
Yesterday was Valentines day, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all viewers. As a result of this it was one of the busiest nights of the year at ASK.
There were many many people in, most of whom were like 60+..."Pensioner Fest TAKE 2!"
Although we got thru the evening it was knackering. got in at around 12.45am and pretty much went straight to bed. Im feelin quite loaded at the moment as i got about 100 quid in tips over the past two shifts. nice.

Today im feelin quite ill, not proper ill but i stepped out of bed at 10.30ish, almost fell over. went back to bed. woke up agian at 1pm, was still dizzy, but i thort fuck it, if i fall over ill just go to sleep where i land.

Tune's that i hope never to hear again as a result of 12hrs of listening yesterday:

Ive had the time of my life
Once, Twice, Three times a lady
Baby its cold outside
2 become one

Second part of the pic is one of the many murals in a place called Shankill in Belfast. I saw this on the popular tv programme "Billy Connolly's World Tour: Ireland,Scotland and England".
This is a place id like to visit as it is situated pretty much in no-mans-land between the catholic and protestant divide. The murals are touching and are described as quite frightening by the Big Yin.

That will be all.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

A week of 'ups' and 'downs'

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle: Whizzle...

Welcome to the weekend:

1: Michael Gray: The weekend
2. Axwell: Feel the Vibe
3. David Guetta: The World is Mine
4. Royksopp: Remind Me
5. Mylo: In my arms (taken from "Destroy Rock n Roll album")
6. Santos: Camels
7. Hanson: Crazy Beautiful
8. Ian Van Dahl: Castles in the Sky
9. The Lighthouse Family: Liftin'
10. Special D: come with me
11. CamRon: Girl
12. JA rule: New York, New York
13. Cuban Brothers: Hamster Dance
14. Royksopp: Eple
15. Usher: Pop Ya Collar

so this week has been below par, been ill which is a rarity for me as im not usually ill, disregardin my 5 ear operations, of which ill find out if i have to have another one later this month.
need some one to hug at the mo.

Half term approaching, valentines day on monday, sadly i will not be in Australia but instead i have opted to work. Oz could have been a wasted journey, but what id do to see miss jordan....

today was probably the best week of the day as things actually happend. I gave this little shit detention but as i returned bk from my activty i realised he wont have it cos the teacher will probably forget, nonetheless he pissed me off and should be dealt with. i wish i made him cry. so tht was the highlight pour moi.

i dont wanna write anymore so i will finish writing...almost.

Emily: Enjoy ur valentines day fillings
Matt: Birthday developments??
Melmanie: i expect a reply quickly.
other viewers: "hello"

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Original Pirate Material...

Forrest: (voice-over) I, I... don't recall what I got for my first Christmas and I don't know when I went on my first outdoor picnic. But, I do remember the first time I heard the sweetiest voice... in the whole wide world.

Jenny: You can sit here if you want.

Forrest: (voice-over) I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. She was like an angel.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I drained the colour from the sky and turned blue without you...

Jim'll fix it? ^^^^

Anywho, quite a lazy, boring day so far, went for a drive with dad and went to a couple of garages looking for a car for me. My test is booked for MArch 17th which seems ages away, think my instructor just wants the money. Work later tongiht then im off to cue club as per usual. not a 2am return tho.
Right so im determined to get a "NON-gay" car since ive been the subject of homosexuality over the recent days by someone (not mentioning any names!)
so ive been looking for french cars in particular.
eg. Renault Clio, saw a nice black one, alloys, CD Player, 6 months MOT....
Pug 106, Dark Blue, Nice interior
Saxo, standard, 2 yrs old...

but also there is a nice Ford Fiesta that i like, and a yellow Ford Ka. But yellow contradicts the non-gayness i think....

Got work later so best crack off...

Finally tho, top 10

1. Faithless ft. Dido: Im still waiting
2. Mylo: In my arms
3. Shapeshifters: Back to Basics
4. Hound Dogs: I like girls
5. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell: Get to know ya
6. Raghav: Angel Eyes
7. Streets: Could Well be in
8. Hanson: Penny and Me
9. Robbie Williams: Somethin Beautiful
10. Cam'Ron: Girls

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Bonjour everyone,
on this evening i would like to say "hi".

events so far this week,
  • First pub meal
  • Huge Volleyball MAtch then another one after skool today

and yeh thts it...
not very busy, jsut as well cos im exhausted.

Listenign to February Jams, at the mo its Wham.

shouting to:

Matthew: Can't find Bob Geldof
Charlie: Sorry for bullying u about ur running abilities
S-Mel: There isnt an 'S' in your name....