Friday, February 11, 2005

A week of 'ups' and 'downs'

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle: Whizzle...

Welcome to the weekend:

1: Michael Gray: The weekend
2. Axwell: Feel the Vibe
3. David Guetta: The World is Mine
4. Royksopp: Remind Me
5. Mylo: In my arms (taken from "Destroy Rock n Roll album")
6. Santos: Camels
7. Hanson: Crazy Beautiful
8. Ian Van Dahl: Castles in the Sky
9. The Lighthouse Family: Liftin'
10. Special D: come with me
11. CamRon: Girl
12. JA rule: New York, New York
13. Cuban Brothers: Hamster Dance
14. Royksopp: Eple
15. Usher: Pop Ya Collar

so this week has been below par, been ill which is a rarity for me as im not usually ill, disregardin my 5 ear operations, of which ill find out if i have to have another one later this month.
need some one to hug at the mo.

Half term approaching, valentines day on monday, sadly i will not be in Australia but instead i have opted to work. Oz could have been a wasted journey, but what id do to see miss jordan....

today was probably the best week of the day as things actually happend. I gave this little shit detention but as i returned bk from my activty i realised he wont have it cos the teacher will probably forget, nonetheless he pissed me off and should be dealt with. i wish i made him cry. so tht was the highlight pour moi.

i dont wanna write anymore so i will finish writing...almost.

Emily: Enjoy ur valentines day fillings
Matt: Birthday developments??
Melmanie: i expect a reply quickly.
other viewers: "hello"

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