Saturday, February 05, 2005

I drained the colour from the sky and turned blue without you...

Jim'll fix it? ^^^^

Anywho, quite a lazy, boring day so far, went for a drive with dad and went to a couple of garages looking for a car for me. My test is booked for MArch 17th which seems ages away, think my instructor just wants the money. Work later tongiht then im off to cue club as per usual. not a 2am return tho.
Right so im determined to get a "NON-gay" car since ive been the subject of homosexuality over the recent days by someone (not mentioning any names!)
so ive been looking for french cars in particular.
eg. Renault Clio, saw a nice black one, alloys, CD Player, 6 months MOT....
Pug 106, Dark Blue, Nice interior
Saxo, standard, 2 yrs old...

but also there is a nice Ford Fiesta that i like, and a yellow Ford Ka. But yellow contradicts the non-gayness i think....

Got work later so best crack off...

Finally tho, top 10

1. Faithless ft. Dido: Im still waiting
2. Mylo: In my arms
3. Shapeshifters: Back to Basics
4. Hound Dogs: I like girls
5. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell: Get to know ya
6. Raghav: Angel Eyes
7. Streets: Could Well be in
8. Hanson: Penny and Me
9. Robbie Williams: Somethin Beautiful
10. Cam'Ron: Girls

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