Tuesday, June 28, 2005


"I often dream about making love with aliens"

I find myself keep looking back to Post Secret and viewing people's deepest darkest secrets...

Well ive finished Exams now so it is officially Summer now...
today i did something most productive...
I rearanged my room! Now i got much more space to do roly-poly's on floor and a great view when im spinning, out the winda!

I would show you the view...but the sky is kinda gloomy...
maybe when the hot weather comes back.

Need to carry out my SummerBurn Cd soon. For those who aret educated in this department it is just a challenge that over 1500 random people do. They create one cd and send it to anywhere in the world! amazing!
So i gotta send a disc to America this year, last year it was New Zealand...wont cost more than £3 for all those who are thinking "whats the point, it will cost ya £30!". Whatsmore is that i get a cd in return from another random person! happy days...

This week plans to be good as its home to lie in's and lotsa mail. I love gettin mail.
I got 2 tshirts thru today, a cheque for my thigh pad and a letter from my auntie! i feel popular..
2moro gonna go round matt's after his sociology exam to make Miss Williams pressie! Gonna be a collage...just hope miss williams dont read this...funny if she did tho...
Btw, my viewing stat's are going up as a result of the new look!

"Control Out"

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Go Johnny Go!

Ok, so i got a new look.
So tell me if you like or you no like

I admit its looking a bit crappy with the poor graphic at the top, but that will be rectified soon i think. Gonna get some sort of nice pic, Working on a nice space thingy with earth and the moon...

Anyway, i shall jot down my top 10 ch-ch-ch-chooons!

1. Gorillaz: Dance of the dead
2. Coldplay: Speed of Sound
3. Gorillaz: November
4. Slick Rick: Bedtime Story
5. Kings of Leon: Rememo
6. War of the Worlds: TB Funky House mix
7. Roger Miller: England Swings
8. Ikno: The dove
9. Grease OST: Summer days
10. The misfits: unknown

Thursday, June 23, 2005

On a plane, On a plane..

Yarr, hey now, you're an allstar!

Ok, so welcome again to ...ttbII.
Soon to become ...ttbIII as i think i'm going to change the layout in the next few days.
Maybe will go back to black.

Anyway, Got 2 Exams left now.
Two big english ones.
One 2moro and then one on monday.
Then, July, August and Spetember = Holiday!!!
Maybe i'll get a job, but i can imagine there are few as with all the other people in my situation wanting a summer job. Maybe i'll ask ASK for more shifts...

What Else? urmmm....
Oh last weekend was awesome. Me, Matthew and Damien travelled sown to our nations capital to play on the trains, but more importantly to see Kings of Leon. Who rocked bungholes!
they were awesome, the night was awesome, we were loving it. Singing along jumping up and down except not much jumping cos then we'd lose our place along the railing's at the front!
Yeh we were riht at the front, me n matt grabbed the places whilst Damo got left behind when the security guy/ticket collector fell over and the supervisor was like "Ok Everybody Stop".

The way back was funneh too, lot of jokes, most of which were based aroudn the spotty, geeky teenager in the simpsons who works at the crappy jobs. You know him "Sir, it happened again!".
No? Come on! He's the Krusty Burger Assistant!

Yeh, so much more to write, but now youre bored.

Good day!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bladdy Ill Mite!

well welcome to part II of my update.
This update is the phun one.
Well so far this week on th einterweb i have come across many different things.

Well i found this ages ago, just did again t'other day...
And this dooby.
Its relative to me cos some pics include a "build your own decks" excuse the random pics.

What else?
Oh yeah, create your own superhero!

Also, i'm now an eBayer which is nice, oh and i can now mix things on decks for mrpod. happy days.
Played cricket on sunday and we got absolutely slaughtered, but i blame the azn's. Cos they suck.
Also, goin to londinium on sunday for a day out but im not looking forward to exam on monday mornin.
Goin to see the Kings of Leon again which will start my summer of live music.
Ive got Ibiza Gold on atm and im loving donalds.
specially track 10: "Never get out of the boat"...from Apocolypse now.

Also...a quote from KElly...entitled the "typical Ozzy"

"Bladdy hill miyte, wots this "Ragby" oy keep hearing abaaat?"

So thats it.

^^^ random pic. of bear.
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SHHHHHHHHH! Well this week i've started the a2 exams.
In a nutshell Geography was average and General Studies was ok.
I went off on one in general studies writing about 8 pages for one question....hmmm! A* i expect...
On Friday i've got the Hazards geography paper and that should be ok...
Then the big guns.
English Editorial and Geog Synoptic.

Not dreading them, just i know they will be hard. like well'ard!

So only 1 week 2 days left of school.
Barbeque etc.
To the meadow again!
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hauling it up the wall......

Hauling it up the wall......
Hauling it up the wall......,
originally uploaded by _Kelsey.
Working hard atm.
Just like this fellow.

Also, exams are fastly approaching.
firs tone on wednesday.
Im confident.


Monday, June 06, 2005


mario's yoshi!

hello, fellow possums.

this weekend has been awesome. almost.
above average anyway.

Friday night was spent working but wasa good shift as i did fk all and got about 30 quid tips, which i kept to myself and another 15quid which i will get on Wednesday. HappyDays.
After work me,conor and vander went to cue club and didnt get home till about 4ish...

Next day, Saturday! Was asked to play cricket but i really needed sleep as i have been suffering from the lack of it recently. Watched the sunrise on Thursday....pleh.
Anywho i did a bit or work/revision on Saturday daytime whilst watching th etest match....Then went round matt's later on to drink beer. Phun.

Today i played a day of cricket, in which we drew. I had quite a shoddy game but the spirit was good. After we all went back to the club and indulged in soem drinking and watching women's football! What a joke! lol... Then went over to have more booze after i dropped my car off at home, and now im home feeling a lil woozy but not incredibly pissed!

Tomorrow is le school and i look forward to 6hrs of sleep if that.
Top 10:

1. Snoop & Pharrell: Snoop Drops Acid
2. Slick Rick: Hey young world
3. Nelly: N Dey Say
4. MJ: Billie Jean
5. Sugar Ray: When its over
6. Spongebob Squarepants: Closing Theme
7. Jupiter ace: 1000 Years
8: Tupac: Crooked nigga too
9. MVP: Rock ya body
10. Faithless: Reverence

Enjoi your week.

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Friday, June 03, 2005


Slipping away...

Well, after seeing this site i am quite moved/distrubed/shocked...
it really is phenomenal what people do...
This is gonna be quite a surreal post on my blog, it made me realise how selfish i can be...
apologies in future...
Its hard to take in some of the stuff i just seen.
if possible listen with sad, mellow music.

the best one?

"My Father doesnt know i have the same illness that killed my mother"...