Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hurry up and Wait

Ever had that feelin?
The feelin when you want something/someone and knowing that it is an impossibilty?
Its not fun. But it is interesting.
You might see what i mean in a couple of days.

Caught a film last night at cinema, "Revolver" it was.
It was confusing, as there wasnt really a storyline to it.
It was good though.
1. cos of the company
2. cos of the unpredictabilityness

Anyway, Its tuesday today
Thats 4 days till i leave.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Vehicles and Animals

See this week is one i have awaited for 5/6 years.
My last week in Peterboro.
So i am due to spend it wisely.
Gotta say a few good byes, ave a few drinks and on top of that i gotta work and earn some money for freshers fortnight.

Saw Katie yesterday and went out for a bit, much to the dissapointment of matt who wanted to go for a drink. Nice jsut to see her and go shopping and beat her at pool! AHA!
But it was all good as we went for a drink a little later.
Then again in the evening with the lads.

Anywho, today im workin and just sortin out my uni boxes.
Packin you could call it.

Ive been watching your world from a far

Ive been trying to be where you are
and Ive been secretly fallin apart unseen.

To me, your strange and youre beautiful
You'd be so perfect with me but you just cant see
You turn every head but you dont see me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Its like there's a party in my mouth...

and EVERYONE's invited!

When listening to Coldplay, you gotta have something to be sad about.
When listening to The Hives, you gotta have energy.
When listening to Faithless, you gotta be awake.
When listening to Bob Sinclair, you don't have to be anything!

Just enlightening you all on this quote.
ITs great.

Freddie Flintoff, 32 hrs after winning The Ashes with England 18yrs after australian Dominance.
A person asks him "Have you eaten?"
Immediatly Flintoff replies "Yes, A Cigar."

One busy week.

Monday: Lincoln with Damo then pub after.
tuesday: Shopping with Matthew and my leaving do at ASK
Wednesday & Thursday: Working at ASK
Friday: TOWN
Saturday: Work in evening
sunday: ?

7 Fun days ahead methinks.

Let me tell you about Monday.

Well Damo picked me up no later than 7.15am.
Got to train station and had just missed a train to lincoln. oh well.
Grab Donalds breakfast and then head off to lincoln on central trains!
Have a walkabout and try to find the uni. easy.
Queue up for enrolling.
Damo had no forms but still beat this dumbass guy who sucked at filling out forms.
After queuing in about 5 lines and having fun with the staging, the old man who tries to coordinate things, seeing amy d'sa we were both hungry and in need of a piss.

So we headed into Lincoln Town centre.
stopped at burger king for a piss then used 118 500 to find ASK Lincoln.
We went there after a long trek to find it past debenhams!
Had nice pizza and dessert. Then saw Emily and Joshes place!
Then we got Taxi to train station and went to Newark on central trains
Then got the big GNER home.
Ticket man let us off i think.
Any way good day.

I look forward to moving into my uni place.
The bear pad.

Friday, September 16, 2005

All the girls, All the boys

So i wake up.
I sit up in my bed.
Look around and rub my eyes as per usual.
I go back to sleep for 15 mins.
Wake up again and throw my twister duvet to the end of the bed.
I put one foot onto my cold wooden floor and think "ITs now Autumn."

I hate autumn.
But i like the tune "Autumn Days when the...."
Primary school memories. I bet my mum still knows that on the PIANO! PIANO!

Anyway, i created a uni blog.
Dunno if i will use it a lot, dont know what the success will be of it.
ITs just a pilot scheme at the moment.
We'll see what comes along.
Visit it here.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bad light stopped play.

Eng-er-land la la la
Eng-er-land la la la

So England won the nice game of cricket. What a game.
Now is the national sport cricket?
I spose when we won Rugby it changed a bit...
Football is going downhill, what with a certain Mr. Rooney advertising a bad game with all the effing off he does.

Galf today sucked cos it was darkness.
I would have won though. Damo's putting was awful.
Blame it on the light though.

Stocked up with Petrol, easy.
Damo stocked up, queue's.

A good week follows this post.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Got my 5 yr student Rail Card!

So Damien is 19 2moro, we're goin out tonight to have a reet good time.
It will be a night spent in the female part of town.
Including Edwards n Liquid.
Exercising our rights to drink and get larey!

Was watching cricket today and say Mr Charlie Paul watching!
I swear it was him, it had to be!
However, 1. Shouldnt he be teaching at some other school in Wiltshire?
2. HowTF! did he get tickets!

Oh and i heard a tune yesterday and it was awesome.
Yoooo Teddy! "JAM"!
Don't know what it is though.
If i find out it will be an automatic Tune of t'week.

Good Day All.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Well, now i can say I've been in a police van and a car!
Not an ambition but an experience.
I wasnt arrested, just me and my mate damo got attacked by kids with a golf club.
The foo's hit damo's truck and big dent in it.

This happened in a semi-urban part of town where we were happily talking to some friendly chavs, named Kiralee and Charlotte.
After stealing the club from the trunk they pretended to be big hard boys.
"Got any weed" "Got any money"
Damo was like "We dont want no trouble lads".

So then we razzed off and Male 1 hit the roof hard with club.
Not happy, we went to nearest side street to inspect damage.
So then a police car goes past!
Damo says it was Fate. Maybe.

So we flash it down and tell the coppers the story.
We park the truck in Paston and get in the police van.
Go back to the scene and see nobody about, but in Itter Park, the stupid youths are still there.
Whats more they walk casually past the police cars (4 of them!) thinking....
"Well its not us". Dumbass retards.

We give statements at the scene and have a good time shaking in the police car.
They invite us back to Thorpe Wood for tea and biscuits. I enjoyed my tea but damo didnt get anything.

So then we had to give yet another statement, more detailed though.
In conclusion, we spent about 3 hrs doing policing business and got home at 1am.
Both males were held overnight, male 2 got bail the next morning and male 1 is getting charged with criminal damage.

Any questions?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The annual.

Na, Na Na, Na-Na Na-Naaa, Na-Na Na Naaah Hey Jude!
"Well its the bottom of the ninth the score is tied, its time for the big one goose"

Aside from the trivial quote above, things are good.
Waking up in the early afternoon is wonderful,
Drinking legally, driving and generally i'm excited about what im gonna do next.

Went up town the other night and then a random drive after, i hate being the designated driver.

Went to work last night whcih was extremely busy.
One of the staff fell unconciouss so that was a bit worrying!
So one person down and the 2nd of September. Everone is paid and everyone is unpatient.
This calls for the second GRRR of the post.

My phone has been acting up, yes my new phone after 2 weeks!
Something wrong with the signal i reckon.
Only thing is i recieve texts about 3/4 hrs too late.
So @ 3am I'm dozing the ngiht away trying to fall asleep but i can hear the microwaves across my speakers.

Got some Uni stuff today, big fluffy duvet and pillow
Alarm clock!
Bike lock. Lights.
OOH yeh.
Still looking for some FREE ashes tickets, anyone offering?