Tuesday, September 20, 2005

One busy week.

Monday: Lincoln with Damo then pub after.
tuesday: Shopping with Matthew and my leaving do at ASK
Wednesday & Thursday: Working at ASK
Friday: TOWN
Saturday: Work in evening
sunday: ?

7 Fun days ahead methinks.

Let me tell you about Monday.

Well Damo picked me up no later than 7.15am.
Got to train station and had just missed a train to lincoln. oh well.
Grab Donalds breakfast and then head off to lincoln on central trains!
Have a walkabout and try to find the uni. easy.
Queue up for enrolling.
Damo had no forms but still beat this dumbass guy who sucked at filling out forms.
After queuing in about 5 lines and having fun with the staging, the old man who tries to coordinate things, seeing amy d'sa we were both hungry and in need of a piss.

So we headed into Lincoln Town centre.
stopped at burger king for a piss then used 118 500 to find ASK Lincoln.
We went there after a long trek to find it past debenhams!
Had nice pizza and dessert. Then saw Emily and Joshes place!
Then we got Taxi to train station and went to Newark on central trains
Then got the big GNER home.
Ticket man let us off i think.
Any way good day.

I look forward to moving into my uni place.
The bear pad.