Saturday, September 03, 2005

The annual.

Na, Na Na, Na-Na Na-Naaa, Na-Na Na Naaah Hey Jude!
"Well its the bottom of the ninth the score is tied, its time for the big one goose"

Aside from the trivial quote above, things are good.
Waking up in the early afternoon is wonderful,
Drinking legally, driving and generally i'm excited about what im gonna do next.

Went up town the other night and then a random drive after, i hate being the designated driver.

Went to work last night whcih was extremely busy.
One of the staff fell unconciouss so that was a bit worrying!
So one person down and the 2nd of September. Everone is paid and everyone is unpatient.
This calls for the second GRRR of the post.

My phone has been acting up, yes my new phone after 2 weeks!
Something wrong with the signal i reckon.
Only thing is i recieve texts about 3/4 hrs too late.
So @ 3am I'm dozing the ngiht away trying to fall asleep but i can hear the microwaves across my speakers.

Got some Uni stuff today, big fluffy duvet and pillow
Alarm clock!
Bike lock. Lights.
OOH yeh.
Still looking for some FREE ashes tickets, anyone offering?