Thursday, September 08, 2005


Well, now i can say I've been in a police van and a car!
Not an ambition but an experience.
I wasnt arrested, just me and my mate damo got attacked by kids with a golf club.
The foo's hit damo's truck and big dent in it.

This happened in a semi-urban part of town where we were happily talking to some friendly chavs, named Kiralee and Charlotte.
After stealing the club from the trunk they pretended to be big hard boys.
"Got any weed" "Got any money"
Damo was like "We dont want no trouble lads".

So then we razzed off and Male 1 hit the roof hard with club.
Not happy, we went to nearest side street to inspect damage.
So then a police car goes past!
Damo says it was Fate. Maybe.

So we flash it down and tell the coppers the story.
We park the truck in Paston and get in the police van.
Go back to the scene and see nobody about, but in Itter Park, the stupid youths are still there.
Whats more they walk casually past the police cars (4 of them!) thinking....
"Well its not us". Dumbass retards.

We give statements at the scene and have a good time shaking in the police car.
They invite us back to Thorpe Wood for tea and biscuits. I enjoyed my tea but damo didnt get anything.

So then we had to give yet another statement, more detailed though.
In conclusion, we spent about 3 hrs doing policing business and got home at 1am.
Both males were held overnight, male 2 got bail the next morning and male 1 is getting charged with criminal damage.

Any questions?


Anonymous Charlie said...

It's shocking how the youth of today have so much disrespect for others property!! Shameful! Looking forward to the cinema Timmy!
Charlie x

Thu Sep 08, 07:05:00 PM  

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