Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hey little white wicker chair...

Oh. My. Lord!

Kings of Leon : Wicker Chair

Its a sad happy song.

"And youre losing your precious mind"


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Back in Pompey, we're pimpin it in the Bear cave now.
Lights on t'roof.
Teddy's Cinema is pretty much flowing. Premiere of Elf soonly.

Coming back to the boro on the 16th which is a friday!
We will Met on Friday, agreed MAtthew, Randa, Mo, Emma etc.?
Then presentation eve. will be a mash up...

Im into Xmas spirit already, must xmas shop but i will spend the rest of my money!
oh noes!
Got just under a grand.
Should have 2k.

Take away 300 for rent
400 for tuition fees.

Oh well! I only live once. I keep tellin myself that.

Also, top tunes this week...

MrBear's Weekly Tracks Chart

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"See Ya Later"

Just what i want for xmas

Just a word or two before I prepare for my Planet Earth quiz on Rocks!
Great fun.

Purple Wednesday last night, love the bite of a snake...
why does it seem Hockey lot have more fun than cricket lot?
I might join...i should join- im good!
Just wait until the measly 4 weeks of Cricket we get in the "summer".

In other news...
Katie went to Australia this morning, Ill miss her im sure.
I went roond to the shack and saw if i could steal any pressies.
I couldnt, they were all make up based stuff... ghey.
I had to get train at 18.02 to LKX. I love trains.
So said Goodbyes and then sttled down to billy connely = happy days! (Trying not to laugh out loud on train....)

Home after a great weekend in which many events occured, some i will hear aboot soon.
Got a CD from my uncle with loadsa pictures from my Mum's birthday great...

Thank you and Good Day!