Thursday, December 01, 2005

"See Ya Later"

Just what i want for xmas

Just a word or two before I prepare for my Planet Earth quiz on Rocks!
Great fun.

Purple Wednesday last night, love the bite of a snake...
why does it seem Hockey lot have more fun than cricket lot?
I might join...i should join- im good!
Just wait until the measly 4 weeks of Cricket we get in the "summer".

In other news...
Katie went to Australia this morning, Ill miss her im sure.
I went roond to the shack and saw if i could steal any pressies.
I couldnt, they were all make up based stuff... ghey.
I had to get train at 18.02 to LKX. I love trains.
So said Goodbyes and then sttled down to billy connely = happy days! (Trying not to laugh out loud on train....)

Home after a great weekend in which many events occured, some i will hear aboot soon.
Got a CD from my uncle with loadsa pictures from my Mum's birthday great...

Thank you and Good Day!