Monday, October 24, 2005

It was one for the scrapbook...

Hello World...

Well, i came home this weekend.
I like trains.
I like exploring and travelling.
I don't like Peterborough though. Well, the city is alright, its the people that screw me over.

In pompey you will ask the nearest person for the time and they will say "The time sponsored by accurist is 6.54pm" with no problem.
In Boro you ask and theyre like "You talkin to me?" and not only that!
Then they say "Why do you wanna know". After this you find out they dont actually have the time, but everyone does cos its on theyre phone!

Well, anywho i went partying on saturday after the football in which me damo and falis saw this guy.

Yes, amazing isnt it.
We were a little surprised he was being chauffeurred around in a D Reg Ford Granada.~

JAmie, Kenny and Wheaty's going away party was fun.
Crawling from The Granary to the Ramblewood, Gordon Arms to Botolph. then cross keys to Edwards.
"Look what ican do" I like this game.

On sunday, i was due to leave and had to ring up various travel people to find if i could take my bike on their trains.
I could.

Bike on underground? That was fun.
I got it here though, and i cycled to lecture this morning.
Well it wasnt a lecture cos the guy didnt show up. Oh well.

I need to look for a new laptop, i want something cool.
Good Day to you all.

Chatel Dec 2005?
Amsterdam Feb 2006?
Australia Feb 2006?


Anonymous Matt The Cat Of Doom said...

i like how u refer to him as 'this guy'. hmmm

um, yh t the netherlands le amsterrrr!

and..well done on ur bicycle.

Mon Oct 24, 08:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thu Oct 27, 12:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Matt The Cat Of Doom said...

Hello mr bear..

much obliged for your .. lengthy comment.

Im am good merci, and, after a hard days work..i am home to watch last night empisode of E4's LOST..which i am hooked on..but..u dont wanna no ote about!..wait..i no what t get u for xmas now!..THE DVD of LOST..!!?!!

Not much has occurred ere. Iv got drunk a few times..but iv been few times i did get drunk..was rather good. DLF's were great. (in secret..they may get a contract with a label..and their currently chattin to the manager of The Kooks!!) . So..lets get autographs etc etc now.

I may get back into hockey..but....i need t save. Also..a new job is in in the door with a few new places! so...finger le X.

Im glad ur having a whale o a time! And...why do we say magically!?? Since when did we start that..!!?!..i mean..i know we say it...but its just! And..yes..your laugh..thats comical!

Another comical thing..: i hurt my back at work yestdy., and so when i came home, i did my normal routine of havin a shower etc, and so when i got to my room, i needed t turn the telly on. On sat on my chair..and turned it on..then i thought, il also put my socks i did..But..1/2 a second later, i was on the floor! The chair totally collapsed in! .. It was like .. Wood up my ass! So so leg got scraped....shame no1 saw!,,was funny

Anyway..i just found the biggest chip in the bag of chips for my have also been taken!..

Got to go watch LOST!!! ARGHHH

Control Out Mr B!

Thu Oct 27, 04:19:00 PM  

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