Saturday, October 08, 2005

Never snort tequila

Good afternoon All.

My second uni blog and will tell thee of all things not to do as a fresher:
I found out the hard way.

1. Do not start drinking at 10am
2. Do not drink with your right hand
3. Do not order water or anything else for that matter which contains no alcohol.
4. Do not put your pint on the edge of table
5. Never sit down without a drink
6. Never say "Im hungry"
7. Never say "I dont wanna do that"
8. Never expect anything
9. Never snort tequila
10. Do not try and play a trick on the third years
11. Dont stand up for yourself
12. Do not do anything unless a 3rd year demands it.
13. Always, ALWAYS do what youre told
14. Always tie up your shoe laces
15. Never spill your pint on a 3rd year
16. Make sure your Rep is fuly beverized at any one time
17. Minimum bar order is 5 pints.

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