Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Natural, Universal,Essential, Inspirational...

Groove Armada: Superstylin'.

Me, browna and camera dave and random people!
News down in Pompey:

Been out on Monday night hallowe'en. Was fun.
Although union was shit cos it didnt open Lux the big nightclub, just c02 bar and the waterhole.

Anywho, after that me abby, cat and max et al went to this bird called Emily's place and just sat and listened to tunes till 4am.
(just to fill u in...Abby is this nice girl i met and just gettin to know...)
Then me n Abby went and chilled for a bit, listened to Atari's. Great stuff...

Then i woke up, at 10 for a 12 oclock lecture. I felt ok just tired, so i went back to bed and woke up again at 2pm. And i thought this was the week i wasnt gonna miss anything!
Oh well 4/5 aint bad...

Last night was fun, after doing a bit of work entitled "Geology of my kitchen" i watched Peter Kay (Live at Bolton Albert Halls)... was hilarious. I watched this with housemates, sherry and max...Teddy's Cinema is almost up and done, just waiting for laptop and speakers...

Oh and more excitingly afterwards i went up to Abby's to thank her for buying me beer and we snuggled down and watched South Park - new episodes with Ted Ted.

Then we went back to hers for a bit of late night talking, i ended up leaving at 1am. it was good tho, i cld talk to her for ages...
And so this leaves me awoekn now for this 10am computer practical class, which is boring. but good cos you dont do anywork, jsut sit and stare at comp.

tonight is purple wednesday, enjoy...

i know i will.


Anonymous Matt The Cat Of Doom said...

Glad all is well mr bear.

I have no no reply to ur msg about me n u, and the pictures!!? What picture would that be?

Im off t play badders with booby w tnite. I saw slothe mondy..went for a drink. Was cool.

Shit..i have stuff t do..Gotta go buddy

il call u some time soon

Control Out

Wed Nov 02, 05:10:00 PM  

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