Friday, November 25, 2005

get down from that tree...

Good morning.

Im not drunk, not pissed and not larey.
Infact this day has been an alcohol free one.
I have not had a drink for 24hrs.
"My name is Tim and Im not an Alcoholic!"

Im home in 12hrs. Crazy.
I look forward to seeing many friends, Friday night will be big.
But Im not allowed to kiss any girls. not proper ones anyway.
Miranda, Emily and emma- your ok.

Let me introduce you to the abbie.
Aka. Abbath, Abbuth, Abbutha, and my favourtie...


Go Abbie, tell the people a little about yourself...

"what would you like to know?"
"How tall are you?"

"ha ha knew you would ask that, im 4'11 1/2" "

"Wow, your the mostr miniscule person i have ever seen, the histroy of the world"

"maybe but you dont seem to mind too much"

"Well it makes you easier to throw on top of the wardrobe..."

"or for someone to throw us in it"

[For those who dont know...Me n Abbuth got forced into wardrobe and couldnt get out for a while...]

"It was a drnken night."

"What would you say is your best feature?"

"ah, well that would just be telling for those who havnt met me before"

"T or A?"

"what do you think?"


"Out of my friends who would you like to meet the most?"

"that would have to be Matt u talk about him so much i think i know him personally already"

"What about Damo?"

"i think i have to meet them all, hear their version of your stories!"

"Like what stories?"

"drunken adventures... like the kermit shirt on damo's birthday!"

"Right that is nice of you to say a few words, now take me to bed or lose me forever..."

"Show me the way home..."




Anonymous matt said...

'Show me the way to go tired and i want to go to bed..everybody'!

Yes..hello 'littleone'.

Agreed..u should do this more often.

Sun Nov 27, 04:27:00 PM  

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