Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Don't leave

Random pic, like the one of me @ the leaning tower...

Im feeling 2pac's 'new' album...specially track 12.
Also, Coldplay's album X&Y is great, got a promo copy tother day...

Im gonna do, what i do
im gonna say what i say
Im gonna live, how i live...
Or else ya want a n.i.g.g.a to live

So this week is Half term which is an excuse for lazing and doing "revision"...
so far ive worked, went to party and had a couple lads nights...
got my hair cut tother day and its ok, back is a bit long but yunno, it will do as summer is hot and having abig mop can get a tad sweaty...

went to see katie yesterday with matthieu and were shown holiday photo's in exchange for choclates...anyway, after that me, matt n 'mo had a little gathering with kebab, beer and choons...
Also, gotta chat to sam white...youknowsit.

Things to do:
  • Do Damo's 2Pac CD
  • Do Dad's Dirty Dancing thingy
  • Find out what Dan Brown's new book is called
  • Book Holiday
  • Get "Teddy 5" on cricket jersey
  • Get new phone
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Top 10

Havent done a top 10 for a while so i will now...

1. Basement Jaxx - Miracles keep on playing
2. Steve Miller Band - AbraCadabra
3. Marques Huston - That Girl
4. Zero 7 - That Girl
5. Morcheeba - Women lose weight
6. Mohito - Slip Away
7. Sean Connery - Unknown
8. Fabolous - I'm the king of...
9. 50 ft. The Game - Hate it or Luv It
10. NERD ft. Snoop - Signs

, Go on son!

Well, welcome back to ...ttbII. Just been sorting out the template and now its all go.

This week has been quite hectic at times, and we feel squashed. Now i can relax as the hardest exam i take has passed. I predict a D, maybe an E. But a D will do.
I can now look forward to spending more time with certain people and learn the value of relaxation. However, Geography exam, 14th June....hmmm. Revising started, revision will be continue.

In other news, went out last night to the hampton where i endulged in sinking a few pints with the lads, altho i had to call it an early night at around 10ish cos of waking up without a hangover.
Had a net tonight and was on form, superb bowling earned me a call up for the 1st's on sunday altho i don't think i will play, think i will stay with Seconds. Loyalty!
Also, besides playing 2 days of cricket this weekend, i will be set for a gathering round LEanne Dobbers' house... could be fun. we shall see.
I havent celebrated something for a while so should celebrate...only thing is what to celebrate?!

oh well...
Happy Days continues...

btw. Tune: Basement Jaxx - Mere Pas!
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Friday, May 20, 2005



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Saturday, May 14, 2005

We 'bout it 'bout it....

K, wanna take you to wonderland despite ALice...

CLICK TO VIEW^^^its hard hitting.

OK, so update was a little late. Cant blame me tho, have been very busy these last few days...

Mega revision taking place pretty much every day except Sunday. Been in the paper this week too! With the cricket team, happy days.
What else has happened...urm.. oh Katie got job @ Thomas Cook Travel Agents in Bretton centre so she will be working there for now...
Have been training on Thursday with PTCC and got sooo knackered (according to hannah means 'shagged' or something similar) but was relieved after a big bubble bath...after dropping the big fat chavvy sister off at "LICO"

This weekend holds a few events. Tonight im working but i might pop round leighton's to see what's goin down. 2moro after cricket it cld be a trip to le cinema. Or if other things go ahead i cld be left revisin!
Cricket again on Sunday, away @ Oundle.

Shouting to:

Kelly: "How bout that drink?"
Jo: "How bout that dance?"
Katie: "lets go north!"
Hannah: "Have a pleasent study leave"
Laura: "Bada ba ba ba, i'm lovin it"
Damo: "Im available on sunday if cricket gets rained off"
Falis: "Comiserations..."

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Week so far...

As extreme exam pressure starts to climax i find myself in a comfortbale position. I feel the revision getting into me and knowing more and more.
Ive developed a recent liking to old skool chilled D&B from my Jungle Massive CD. Happy Days jsut listenign to it on MrPod.

Talking of MrPod a hawt friend of mine has expressed an interest in one and i think it might be sweet of me to get one for her on her "birthday"...

ITs been great seeing her and i look forward to many opportunites over the summer to be with her...

In other news, cricket is in full swing and have 1 or 2 matches this weekend. Definitly on Sunday, 2nds and a possiblity of Saturday too. Mentions in paper as standard.
As i sit here i ponder about what i'd like to do in the next month or three...a holiday? work?

Plan at the moment is to work for a month or two solid from 24th June till Start of August. Big Birthday Bash at Town Hall with 50+ guests. Then go on holiday to the villa if possible or possibly to Greece/Cyprus. After a week or two there, more work saving for uni. Happy Days? i think so.
*yawns and goes to bed*
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Sunday, May 08, 2005

after a stressful week, the aptly named "weekend" is here...
Firstly the tunes to listen to:

1: MAx Graham ft. Yes: Owner of a lonely heart
2: Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
3: Madonna: Music
4: DJ LUCK and MC Neat ft. Monsta Boi: Im Sorry
5: Operate: Peaches (o_0)
6: The Killers: Mr.Brightside
7: Fatboy Slim: Rockafella Skank
8: Junior Senior: Move your feet
9: Michael Woods: The Weekend
10: The Ceasers: Jerk It Out
Stressed cos of humongous amoutns of revision i have been doin...
Not seen miss jordan yet, but will see her tomorrow at the dragon boat thingy.

Work has been average, random insults were flying on friday as i accidently called someone 'beefy'. not gr8. but it was all in good spirits as it was humourous...

3weeks till exams and my stressometer has been increasing steadily, a nice game of golf would be greatly obliged. or a swim at Gym as i can now offficially swim, 6 months after my ear op. Happy Days...

i need a hair cut.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005



why eye man!

yes, a good weekend. BANK holiday too...

1. my weekend has been above average.
- due to:
i) knowledge that katie is back
ii) a good night out on friday
iii) maybe my best shift at ArSeK on saturday.
iv) seeing a film at 12.40am

so sunday brings jobs. including
-gettin bike fixed aGAIn which i probs wont do.
-gettin petrol for car
-doin revision
-sorting out room
-sanding down my room
-picking paint
-see katie?

moving on swiftly, ill tell you bout goings on.
my week was average with few events at skool, think it will be HARDCORE revision up until exams less than a month away...
on friday miranda,emma, matt, josee and i went oop toon. band called Dirty Little Faces wer good but didnt compare to EES. They were awesome.
anywho yh, then there were some birds in short skirts screaming their heads off, which i didnt reli go for. after a bit of drinking and kebab we went on a mega-monstrous drive to god knows, near helpston. bed @ 4.30am?!!!
on saturday got up at 1pm ish....still sleepy. went to watch a bit of cricket as i withdrew from lineup after tendency to work, plus my hamstring has been hurting a little. should be ok footy 2mro. Later on @ ASK i started with a cheese steak 6inch sandwich from Subway....happy days. then i found i was to wait on a table of 30. (crap) then i learnt that it was a hen night. (HAPPY DAYS!). so i was being my usual comic, flirty self with a bunch of ladies aged 25-40 ish. even met LAura Howards mum!!!!! So tht went well and ended up with 30tip...they would cheer when i entered room and gave me shots of Sambuca which i covertly covered the smell from Boss. then after work i had to somehow drive home, i was shit tired and i had 3/4 shots of sambuca so was a little yunno, but still under the legal amount.

good day.

**falls asleep**

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