Thursday, May 26, 2005

, Go on son!

Well, welcome back to ...ttbII. Just been sorting out the template and now its all go.

This week has been quite hectic at times, and we feel squashed. Now i can relax as the hardest exam i take has passed. I predict a D, maybe an E. But a D will do.
I can now look forward to spending more time with certain people and learn the value of relaxation. However, Geography exam, 14th June....hmmm. Revising started, revision will be continue.

In other news, went out last night to the hampton where i endulged in sinking a few pints with the lads, altho i had to call it an early night at around 10ish cos of waking up without a hangover.
Had a net tonight and was on form, superb bowling earned me a call up for the 1st's on sunday altho i don't think i will play, think i will stay with Seconds. Loyalty!
Also, besides playing 2 days of cricket this weekend, i will be set for a gathering round LEanne Dobbers' house... could be fun. we shall see.
I havent celebrated something for a while so should celebrate...only thing is what to celebrate?!

oh well...
Happy Days continues...

btw. Tune: Basement Jaxx - Mere Pas!
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