Sunday, April 17, 2005


Now then girls and boys what are we goin to blog today?
Well atm im lookin for some writing of mine from 10 years ago. fun, ive found a few pieces and im quite inspired. "i need to do weller on spelling and i only get 7 or 8" is just one quote.

had a 'shifty' friday night at met lounge with matt, miranda and emma. Saw the likes of a band called "Street Reagal" who put out a solid performance ending every single song with "cheers". great fun to laugh at. Following them were Japanese Rockers (yes you read right, JAPANESE ROCKERS!) called Electric Eel Shock, they were hilarious. "peterbra and campai" were theere main catchphrases but topped it with a song called "bastard". Quality.

Anywho after friday i slept for much of saturday until worky in the eve. Twas a lazy shift.
Played golf today with Shanus and Joshua. Josh one by one shot over me, shane was out of it by the 4th hole. Toodle oo, football this evening then school work.... have a good evening...

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