Thursday, April 07, 2005

After my trip...

Well now i'm back from my little holiday to scottyland i feel the need to blog.
I took a variety of photo's and they can be found on my flikr page. (see 'me' section).

Had a number of intreaguing activites, such as...
  • Hot air baloon ride
  • Played Golf (and i'm awesome)
  • Went to Loch Ness
  • Visited Edinburgh Castle
  • Went to the sea!
  • Went on long walks
  • Went mountain biking, on a mountain.
So quite an action packed trip.

Top 10 since ive been away from the boro...

Ciara: 1 2 Step
SL2: On a Ragga Trip
Will Smith: Switch
The Killers: Indy Rock and Roll
Snoop and Uncle Charlie: Signs
Jem: They
Ian Drury: Hit me with your rhythm stick
Louis Armstrong: All the time in the world
Jem: Just a ride
Stereophonics: Dakota

Good day.

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