Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lazy Days....

Well now...

2 Million ways:
This is the music of the earth
the music of the sun and the stars
The music of yourself
The music is different here,
the vibrations are different
not like planet earth....

so much to write, but so little time to do it in....need to go bed.

anywho, i begin again with a joke. (these are not meant to be fits of laughter, just maybe a giggle or even a smile)

What did the big dog, say to the little dog?

Nothing, Dog's dont speak.

yes so, anyway. Had a good week from wednesday onwards, got my exam results or something similar, as the grades were not actually all we get our real results on thursday. shockin. Next thursday is also the date of my driving test, oh the tension!

top 10 this week:

1. C Mos: 2 million ways
2. Juliet: Avalon (Schill mix)
3. Sunset Strippers: Falling Star (Lovefreekz mix)
4. Mint Royale: Sexiest man in jamaica (Nightrider mix)
5. NERD: Nothing
6. McFly: All About You
7. Gazza: Fog on the Tyne
8. Los Del Mar: Macarena
9. Unknown: Twist and Shout and the Hippy Hippy shake
10. Serge Gainsbourg: Bonnie and Clyde (Herberts Fred and Ginger Mix)

Red Nose Day was hours of fun...
i dressed up as a giant emu. it raised a few laughs but i wasnt happy with the number of year sevens calling me big bird off sesame street, especially asians.


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