Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Hello" (Week Update)

We start this post with a joke:

"What do you say to a one legged hitchhiker?"
"Hop In".

Ok, so the lack of posting my current events is explained cos i just couldnt be bov'd.
Ive been quite poorly this week. Coughing and what not.
Got the whole week off from work but i hopped along for schooling.
This last week has been quite shite as a result of the illness.
Must mention matthew's birthday after a complaint. It was a good day and was a good night up until rejection @ edwards. Dog's was good and Yates' was ok too. Happy 18th.

Just got out of the
bath where i had many cramps, this due to the lack of stretching before football. The cramps hurt reli bad and there was no room to stretch either!
Now I find myself sat here thinking bout starting the weeks

I also find myself listening to Elton John "Rocket Man" in one ear and then in the other The Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Californication".

"Space may be the final frontier
but its made in a hollywood basement,
Cobain can hear the spheres
singing songs from station to station"

So my miserable period continues but one will hope to get happy at approximatly 2.32pm 2moro.
Oh and ive been tinking bout my costume for
Friday's Comic Relief Event. Its funneh.

Gonna inquire more thoroughly about a White Citroen Saxo, 20,000miles, sexy looking, cd player....went for a test drive and its awesome.

Friday Lunchtime: Sports Hall
£50 entry.
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