Friday, February 25, 2005

Thoughts of the day...Vol 3

Im sat with my dear friend Falis, he is now goin to tell me what his thoughts are for the day...

So over to you Falis...

Tune of the day: Queen: Don't Stop Me Now

Word of the day: Weeble

Game of the day: Accrington Stanley (Football on the Astro when its snowing....)

Sport of the day: Tiddlywinks

Sandwich of the day: Pot Noodle with Cheese Sandwich...hmmmm.

Cereal or Breakfast good of the day: Golden Nuggets.

Supermodel of the day: Bridgette Nielson "a bit manly"

Subject of the day: Lazers

Blog of the day:

Random Word:
Aardvark Vacuum

So after another installment its goodbye from me "take it easy" and goodbye from Falis, he leaves with the following quote:

"calm down dear, its just a commercial" michael winner.