Saturday, February 19, 2005

miss you less, see you more

Extended weekend, Extended Mix
Welcome to the weekend

Kicking Start the Weekend Track:
"Raven Maize: The Real Life"

"Millionaire Notting hill based movie star,with personal boat and chauffeur, with a large "wallet" seeks gullible young blonde"

Not many plans this week other than the usual, Work, Cricket, Football.
Had not a bad half term, saw people that i didnt expect to see...
im feelin as if im pretty much back to normal now after my illness and find myself wondering "how i actually am"....yunno when people say "how are you" you will respond generally by saying "yeh, fine" etc...
well im feeling very strange, more than usual....and i dont know why.

Found a new tune (see track two) its absolutley amazing!!!!!! no it reli is...

back to skool on monday and will not be put down. Coursework needs to be done pretty quickly but tht will be all tht i mention regarding to school.

Updated Face Party account, dusting off the cob webs....

Essential Tunes:

1. Mario Winans: I just wanna love you
2. New Radicals vs. LMV: Dont let go
3. Nathan: Come into my room
4. Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
5. Faithless: Insomnia/ god is a dj
6. Freemasons: Love on my mind
7. Audio Booty's: Bang Bang
8. Athelte: Modern Mafia
9. LL Cool J: Hush
10. David Guetta: The world is mine
11. Ciara: Goodies

Shout's to:

Emma: "hwello, just thought id mention urself, nice day shopping?"
Cricketers: "Fancy a net? next thursday/friday?"
Mel: "Well i have to mention you dont i? look forward to monopoly and more insomnia?"
Damo: "How soon for Damo's House"
Charlie: "Swap Football Factory for Meet the Fockers?? just temporarily?"
Kenny: "Cheers for the quote"