Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cupid visited me...

So yeh this is Pat Sharp, He is from The popular childrens TV programme, Fun House. Which was awesome.

This is a funny link...really funny.

Further information....

On the sunday, Red Ball Rovers "Won" quite well on the 'next goal win' basis yet is shown to be a defeat on the official power league site. damn.
Yesterday was Valentines day, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all viewers. As a result of this it was one of the busiest nights of the year at ASK.
There were many many people in, most of whom were like 60+..."Pensioner Fest TAKE 2!"
Although we got thru the evening it was knackering. got in at around 12.45am and pretty much went straight to bed. Im feelin quite loaded at the moment as i got about 100 quid in tips over the past two shifts. nice.

Today im feelin quite ill, not proper ill but i stepped out of bed at 10.30ish, almost fell over. went back to bed. woke up agian at 1pm, was still dizzy, but i thort fuck it, if i fall over ill just go to sleep where i land.

Tune's that i hope never to hear again as a result of 12hrs of listening yesterday:

Ive had the time of my life
Once, Twice, Three times a lady
Baby its cold outside
2 become one

Second part of the pic is one of the many murals in a place called Shankill in Belfast. I saw this on the popular tv programme "Billy Connolly's World Tour: Ireland,Scotland and England".
This is a place id like to visit as it is situated pretty much in no-mans-land between the catholic and protestant divide. The murals are touching and are described as quite frightening by the Big Yin.

That will be all.

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