Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whipped cream with strawberries on top...


Ok so today was a monumental day.
Officially started revising, played a round of golf, more revising but only for a while then went footballing.
Quite a good footy match as we won. Does this call for a Red Ball Rovers Blog? just a thought...

sorted out my iPod and managed to get 179 songs atm. Quite a variety and will need to get mixing on Sony Sound Forge so i can begin mixing "digitally".

Top 5 iPod tunes...

Kylie ft. Ludacris: Cant get you out of my bed
Louis Armstrong: Weve got all the time in the world
Athlete: You got the style
Akon: Lonely
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell: Beautiful

Oh and Han, i had a phat boi flapjack. it was extremely satisfying and u missed out...

Good Day.
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