Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Election 2005

First politics..
(some of you may yawn but thats cos you cant vote)
Now im not a Blair fan, that is why most people should vote conservative.
Blair is a moron.


anyway, good week at work. earning lots of pennies and even bumpted into katie's sisters tonight. great fun.
was on the bar again which was easy.
now just sitting with the old ipod admiring my tune of the week.

Back at skool on wednesday and im NOT lookin fwd to psychopology exam, if fail i will hav to enter myself for exam in may. that sed i need to start revising....naaaaa!

also, had a round of golf earlier then had a gr8 Donalds.
Won 300 on the horses too, thankyou hedgehunter!


funny bush baldy type site...

a random goose and gw bush

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