Sunday, May 08, 2005

after a stressful week, the aptly named "weekend" is here...
Firstly the tunes to listen to:

1: MAx Graham ft. Yes: Owner of a lonely heart
2: Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
3: Madonna: Music
4: DJ LUCK and MC Neat ft. Monsta Boi: Im Sorry
5: Operate: Peaches (o_0)
6: The Killers: Mr.Brightside
7: Fatboy Slim: Rockafella Skank
8: Junior Senior: Move your feet
9: Michael Woods: The Weekend
10: The Ceasers: Jerk It Out
Stressed cos of humongous amoutns of revision i have been doin...
Not seen miss jordan yet, but will see her tomorrow at the dragon boat thingy.

Work has been average, random insults were flying on friday as i accidently called someone 'beefy'. not gr8. but it was all in good spirits as it was humourous...

3weeks till exams and my stressometer has been increasing steadily, a nice game of golf would be greatly obliged. or a swim at Gym as i can now offficially swim, 6 months after my ear op. Happy Days...

i need a hair cut.

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