Sunday, May 01, 2005



why eye man!

yes, a good weekend. BANK holiday too...

1. my weekend has been above average.
- due to:
i) knowledge that katie is back
ii) a good night out on friday
iii) maybe my best shift at ArSeK on saturday.
iv) seeing a film at 12.40am

so sunday brings jobs. including
-gettin bike fixed aGAIn which i probs wont do.
-gettin petrol for car
-doin revision
-sorting out room
-sanding down my room
-picking paint
-see katie?

moving on swiftly, ill tell you bout goings on.
my week was average with few events at skool, think it will be HARDCORE revision up until exams less than a month away...
on friday miranda,emma, matt, josee and i went oop toon. band called Dirty Little Faces wer good but didnt compare to EES. They were awesome.
anywho yh, then there were some birds in short skirts screaming their heads off, which i didnt reli go for. after a bit of drinking and kebab we went on a mega-monstrous drive to god knows, near helpston. bed @ 4.30am?!!!
on saturday got up at 1pm ish....still sleepy. went to watch a bit of cricket as i withdrew from lineup after tendency to work, plus my hamstring has been hurting a little. should be ok footy 2mro. Later on @ ASK i started with a cheese steak 6inch sandwich from Subway....happy days. then i found i was to wait on a table of 30. (crap) then i learnt that it was a hen night. (HAPPY DAYS!). so i was being my usual comic, flirty self with a bunch of ladies aged 25-40 ish. even met LAura Howards mum!!!!! So tht went well and ended up with 30tip...they would cheer when i entered room and gave me shots of Sambuca which i covertly covered the smell from Boss. then after work i had to somehow drive home, i was shit tired and i had 3/4 shots of sambuca so was a little yunno, but still under the legal amount.

good day.

**falls asleep**

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