Saturday, May 14, 2005

We 'bout it 'bout it....

K, wanna take you to wonderland despite ALice...

CLICK TO VIEW^^^its hard hitting.

OK, so update was a little late. Cant blame me tho, have been very busy these last few days...

Mega revision taking place pretty much every day except Sunday. Been in the paper this week too! With the cricket team, happy days.
What else has happened...urm.. oh Katie got job @ Thomas Cook Travel Agents in Bretton centre so she will be working there for now...
Have been training on Thursday with PTCC and got sooo knackered (according to hannah means 'shagged' or something similar) but was relieved after a big bubble bath...after dropping the big fat chavvy sister off at "LICO"

This weekend holds a few events. Tonight im working but i might pop round leighton's to see what's goin down. 2moro after cricket it cld be a trip to le cinema. Or if other things go ahead i cld be left revisin!
Cricket again on Sunday, away @ Oundle.

Shouting to:

Kelly: "How bout that drink?"
Jo: "How bout that dance?"
Katie: "lets go north!"
Hannah: "Have a pleasent study leave"
Laura: "Bada ba ba ba, i'm lovin it"
Damo: "Im available on sunday if cricket gets rained off"
Falis: "Comiserations..."

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