Monday, April 25, 2005

As i continue my bloggin quest, ive found many things. some good some awful, but none as worse as this!!!!!

anywho, im savoury atm, which is nice. pressure has been lifted off my shoulder over weekend and i now have things to look frwd to. Had another flapjack today (hannah!!!!!!!! be jealous).
Played a bit of cricket over the w/e and i scored my first run of the campaign, took a catch too but it wasnt printed in t'e.t.
listneing to some tunes right now, much persuaded by mr g. Walsh who put Radio Ga Ga in my head this smornin.

Tunes include....

Sugar Ray: When its over
Some Led Zeppelin track
Chemical Bros: Believe and the Big Jump
Pharoah Monche: Fuck you or the clean 'Got to'

good day boys and girls.
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Friday, April 22, 2005

New Blog...

Ok so, happy days. new blog is better than ever before...just click the links at the bottom entitled "profile", "links" and "tag". enjoi.

btw, my weekend is gr8 so far.

new tune of t'week is amazing. old, but amazing.

Also this site is pretty god dam cool...


Thursday, April 21, 2005

A BAD PATCH? me? not anymore.

rich guys!

10: Verve: Bitter Sweet symphony
9: Jem: They
8: Jupiter Ace vs. Lovefreekz: Shine A1 mix
7. Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc
6: Coldplay: See you soon
5: Chemical Brothers: Believe
4: Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart
3: Unknown: 'Lose Yourself'
2: Robbie Williams: Mr Bojangles (Cover)
1: Airwave: Alone in the Dark

A mix of tunes this week, in car i particularly like listening to Robbie Williams and his "Swing when youre winning" album. ITs 'super-fly'. Just had cricket training which was funkydory and had a good ho-down at the boaty afterwards. I wish i didnt drive tho cos i was dying to have a drinky of alcyhol. its been a while. 2 weeks?!

on wednesday went to see drama performance which was gd, Shaker girls looked 'hawt'. also, yunno when you wanna lol like so much but you know you can't? well last ngiht was one of those occasion with uncle damo.

anywho, school activity's including revision and football, it was hot today and everyone seemed alot happier, HAPPY DAYS! had a bit of fun with mr newton towards the end of the day with Hannah. A panda, a confluence and a mobile fone... good stuff.

righty, hope its sunny again 2moro, it cld be a three quarter length day....then work in t'evening. im asking for a pay rise. no i am!

also, katie's back soon. bit of a road trip to pick her up tho.

keep it real.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Now then girls and boys what are we goin to blog today?
Well atm im lookin for some writing of mine from 10 years ago. fun, ive found a few pieces and im quite inspired. "i need to do weller on spelling and i only get 7 or 8" is just one quote.

had a 'shifty' friday night at met lounge with matt, miranda and emma. Saw the likes of a band called "Street Reagal" who put out a solid performance ending every single song with "cheers". great fun to laugh at. Following them were Japanese Rockers (yes you read right, JAPANESE ROCKERS!) called Electric Eel Shock, they were hilarious. "peterbra and campai" were theere main catchphrases but topped it with a song called "bastard". Quality.

Anywho after friday i slept for much of saturday until worky in the eve. Twas a lazy shift.
Played golf today with Shanus and Joshua. Josh one by one shot over me, shane was out of it by the 4th hole. Toodle oo, football this evening then school work.... have a good evening...

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whipped cream with strawberries on top...


Ok so today was a monumental day.
Officially started revising, played a round of golf, more revising but only for a while then went footballing.
Quite a good footy match as we won. Does this call for a Red Ball Rovers Blog? just a thought...

sorted out my iPod and managed to get 179 songs atm. Quite a variety and will need to get mixing on Sony Sound Forge so i can begin mixing "digitally".

Top 5 iPod tunes...

Kylie ft. Ludacris: Cant get you out of my bed
Louis Armstrong: Weve got all the time in the world
Athlete: You got the style
Akon: Lonely
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell: Beautiful

Oh and Han, i had a phat boi flapjack. it was extremely satisfying and u missed out...

Good Day.
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The Election 2005

First politics..
(some of you may yawn but thats cos you cant vote)
Now im not a Blair fan, that is why most people should vote conservative.
Blair is a moron.


anyway, good week at work. earning lots of pennies and even bumpted into katie's sisters tonight. great fun.
was on the bar again which was easy.
now just sitting with the old ipod admiring my tune of the week.

Back at skool on wednesday and im NOT lookin fwd to psychopology exam, if fail i will hav to enter myself for exam in may. that sed i need to start revising....naaaaa!

also, had a round of golf earlier then had a gr8 Donalds.
Won 300 on the horses too, thankyou hedgehunter!


funny bush baldy type site...

a random goose and gw bush

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

After my trip...

Well now i'm back from my little holiday to scottyland i feel the need to blog.
I took a variety of photo's and they can be found on my flikr page. (see 'me' section).

Had a number of intreaguing activites, such as...
  • Hot air baloon ride
  • Played Golf (and i'm awesome)
  • Went to Loch Ness
  • Visited Edinburgh Castle
  • Went to the sea!
  • Went on long walks
  • Went mountain biking, on a mountain.
So quite an action packed trip.

Top 10 since ive been away from the boro...

Ciara: 1 2 Step
SL2: On a Ragga Trip
Will Smith: Switch
The Killers: Indy Rock and Roll
Snoop and Uncle Charlie: Signs
Jem: They
Ian Drury: Hit me with your rhythm stick
Louis Armstrong: All the time in the world
Jem: Just a ride
Stereophonics: Dakota

Good day.

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