Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Time, the time of giving...

Ok, so here's the scoop withthe bear.

Im on several projects at the moment.
1. To get money
2. To have a great summer
3. Move In
4. See me people!

Im looking forward to seeing a few uni guys some time soon, after finishing tour everyhting has been so releaxed and chilled out. Speaking of tour, there will be a tour report detailing events which totally go against "what goes on tour, stays on tour..." sort of.
Things will be left out of course! Some stuff is just too graphic for your youthful minds.

Got my job back at ASK and have been working there this week, good to be back.
Got my cricketing summer of to a good start too, a delightful 32 against Whittlesey.

Until next time, Bear out.