Friday, May 26, 2006

Too much reading,...

My izeyes are acting up!

I have been heavily revising or "learning off my own back" this week.
Been to library! WOW!
Actually went to do some work today! Amazing.
Yunno they got like hundreds of books there, maybe one for every day of your life, FOREVER!

Hmmm, anyway made dinner tonight for the Abbuth and the Josephine.
It was ok, bit bland but its food.
Need to impress them so I get 3some.

Also, handed in some coursework today and went to the bank for NO apparent reason, just went to the bank, didnt do anything.
In other news, My itinery has changed.

"14th Letter of the alphabet!"
"No wait it isnt is it?"
"Its 9th."
"Oh welll....I Dont understand why the fuck your arent drinking!

Home on either the 5th June or 8th June for a few days, then Cricket tour baby!
Fuckin love it.
Im looking forward to Fresher challenges, Not backin down!
Unless Tommy has some input, then my stomach starts churning...

Royksopp: Download them: MElody FM!!
Or buy there shit!

Enjoy the weekend.

Bear Out