Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pick a pocket or two...

Follow the trend...

Word up peasants.

Funny things: The best possible remedy of eating a chilli that is too hot for you, is surprisingly to eat another chilli and then to eat bread.
Now bread I can understand but why eat another chilli? Crazy!

Next check this out.


Got a bit of work to do this week.
almsot finished my PEtrology, though its a bit pointless.
Got Lab report and geo mapping to do.. oh my, jsut looked:
A lot of geomapping!

then microfossils essay again, also gotta redo mineralogy.
Free day 2moro where i will do quite a bit.


Good Day.

Fajitas tonight!


Anonymous Willy said...

Hey fellow Geo Man,
Yes the work load has been very HIGH these's past few weeks, and with the scare you gave me that we had a test today, nearly made me want to hid like a little lost Pea in the bottom of a freezer.
But never the less, we will surpass, and gain our worthy Degree (and a beer Gut)in 2yrs!
Looking forward to your first drink next week, at 12:01 Sat morning! very impressed you have lasted! Keep up the good work!

Fri Mar 24, 01:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Matty said...

Yes..congrats Mr Bear..although you were demtermined....i blame your abilty to do not having dollar!

Mon Mar 27, 07:25:00 PM  

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