Sunday, March 19, 2006

Less than 10 weeks till summer

If McDonalds controlled the safari...

Ok, maybe not.
But I have 3 weeks till Easter.
I leave for home on April 7th.
2 weeks of working, earning money so I can survive the 5 weeks after easter.

Matthew say something bout Jose Gonzalez, im intreagued.
I do need some activities in this Easter break.

Though I look forward to Gumball 3000 on April 29th.
Happy Days.

Cricket training today, sucked. I was not on my game.
Was gettin tonked all over the shop and couldnt bowl in a straight line.
Twas ghey.

Lots of work to be gettin on with this evning.
Ranging from tutorial work to some Geomaterial Science lab reports!

Also, this week brings another deadline for more coursework, so whole day devoted to work on Tuesday.
Still need to pick up my NUS card also.

Dinner tonight: Moroccan chicken tagine with pasta and veg.
People keep stealing my utensils in my flat!

That is all.