Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Good week, but a lonely week.

"Be yourself, not who you want to be"

Word up all you readers!

Suggested Listening for this bloggage is anything by Jose Gonzalez.


this week i have mainly been eating Rice KRispies.

Not beeen shopping this week so been living off whatever was left in the old cupboards.
Because I was a dafty a while ago at union i completed sick duty without cleaning up any sick.
Fresher steal : The Safety Assistant polo shirt.

Teddy 1 - Union 0

Happy Days.

Not been out other than Saturday at the cinema to use my complimentary cinema tickets.
The MAtador - funny film held together quite well.
Only minus is the lack of a big storyline. oh well. i still enjoyed.

Message: for fran


In other news, Ive been 5 days without alcohol.
8 if you count the days befroe LEnt.
Been watching the gumball rally too, great stuff.

I think my gorilla slippers have arrived in Portsmouth, I now await postage.
MAy have to go pick em up.

Continuiong with uni work now.
The In Situ Sand density test! What a load of tosh.

Good Day.

ps. What did you wanna be when you grew up?