Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh just a pompey kebab...

Good morning vietnam!

As Abbie negotiates through my bookshelves and reading my fabulous record of achievement, i feel the need to blog.

So, hello.
This week i have been very good.
However this week has incorporated exams, snakebite, abbie and good cooking.
This week i have been revising too.
What bout you?

Last exams this week then im off to Londinium on Wednesday to see bands. one of whci his Dirty Little faces.

see/hear for yourself.

Ive found out some uni friends have MSN spaces so i will add them to my links in a bit.

Tonight i have been to a popular gunwharf restaurant named Azzuro, it was very pleasent.
We were celebrating my good friend, Adam's, birthday.
After the delicious meal we went home to Anna's (ad's wife) to indulge in some Fight Club entertainment featuring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. IT was rather thrilling.

Now im sat down waiting to go to bed however i cant seem to turn various tunes off.
Oh well, i hope i have another good week, my intersemester break is here!

Happy Days innit!

Good DaySir

, i said GOOD DAY!


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