Saturday, January 14, 2006

Drives me round in his JCB...

Ah, familiar times...

Back in Portsmouth
Back for SnakeyB
Back for TouchCup
Back for Waterhole
Back to Time n Envy
Back for Abbuth
Back for Team MAggy Rule!
Back for HAPPY FUKIN DAYS! ! ! innit!

So i now find myself overdrawn. Une problem.
I cannee get any money out of le banque!
not good.

MUM send me money!

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However i got a bit of emergency cash to keep me ok till...hmmm
i can live off the food in my cupboard for a good week i think. maybe.

Gotta start pulling my finger out now, need to actually do some work.
Essay, Revision, sortin out notes, etc....

my arse is sore. im hungry and im cold!
Isnt uni great?!