Saturday, January 07, 2006

Warning: Extended Post


So, Christmas, has passed
New Year has passed
And backto Portsmouth i go.
Happy Days.

See, i went away on the 18th December to Geneva,Suisse to go skiing i Chatel,France.
The flight was all gravy as i was right at front with loadsa leg room.
Got to Airport in Suisse and was met by Uncle n Auntie - what fun.
Then as we drove from aeropuerto to auntie's apartment in the Haute Savoie region of France i began sharing stories and tales from my travels to pompey.
the 3am curry, abbie, various guys n dolls i have come across and the musings we have got up to.

Then to the slopes!
The next day i got kitted out with some ski equipment, tho my uncle said dont get any ski's. just boots and poles.
i was curious.
he had only gone and bought me some ski's - happy days.
these were top of range as well.

So after gettin my ski legs back i was hurtling down the mountain and it was sweet beans.
Sampling various restaurants hot chocolate as i go.
Suchard Express was the brand i favoured. Bringing some back to uni..innit.

So im finished with skiing after seeing my grandparents friend called "Marjorie". What a character she is...
She is 70 somehting and still skiing and partaking in skidiving and loads crap like tht!

My flight back was poor, poor seat tho i was at the window this time.
Poor stewardess' and gay steward who told me off so i was like "ass".
Bumpy ride too as we were fliying through the thick wintery snow clouds that had covered much of Eastern Britain with the good old white stuff.

Daddy drove me home then i gave people souvenirs for which they wished for.
Then bed, i was shattered.

Next day i had to go shopping, and call into ASK to see if i could work.
I could but the rota wasnt doen yet - we'll give you a ring. was the answer they supplied.

After a trip to Londinium with my good uni pals i recieved the call.
I was due in the next day, i think - its a bit murky my memory.

Anyway so after working there for a couple of nights i was due for some carnage outside the workplace with my good friends.

OH SHIT - i forgot new year.
So i started work on January 1st but had new year celebration obv the night previously.
Added - it was my mate rob's birthday. 20.
Started off with a goofy night, many jokes and gafs and the drinks flowed in.
Now it was a rough pub , my yocal and it will be knocked down in the near future to create space for the extension of my old school. crazy!

So i was boogie-ing away with mates (oh, one mate has a cousin who came, i found out she plays Ruby off Eastenders) She was pretty fine. I would have a go even tho she is barely legal.

Then at about 2am things started to get roudy.
Violence happened.
Afterwards it was found out that it was all over a pack of fags - started by the cosuin of Ruby.
i scuffle turned into a mass brawl as 20 mates piled into 20 other people in and around the pub.
I was doin the job of preventing mate being pounded by this mahusive guy - who is my other mates' sisters boyfirend.
He is a big boy.

So about 4 mates got hit - seriously. i didnt hav a scratch cos i dont get involved with these thigns anymore - not since i got clever and not had a fight for a good year now.
anyway, my good friend Damo got hit twice randomly for just being on the stairs at the time.
Oh well, he's ok although he has brothers who will hnt people down - not sure what will happen to a guy called Tiny who hit im.

So after half the police force in Peterborough was called to my yocal, i got some tea from a nearby house.
no sugar, cos im sweet enough.

it was a fun new year but concluded in violence and arests, thankfully no1 who i was close mates with got arrested.
Tho one girls boyfriend spent a night in cell. He is suing.

Anyway, so i worked at ASK for a bit of Cash.
Wont get it for 2 weeks but its money.
a lot.
crappy tips tho cos it wasnt busy at all. so that means hardly any work.
all good almost.

Had a few nights out this week.
LAst friday was great return to MEt to see much publicised band named Dirty Little faces. check em out.
No really do. Bg hit coming up.

This week ive had fuck all time off but tonight i went bowling with a few mates.
MAtes named MAtt n Damo were being ghey to each other but they buried the hatchett soon after we got there.
ITs all good, but they have their moments - DONT YOU BOYS!

Bowling the 1st two games sucked, as i came towards the bottom of the list on both occasions.
The secodn game however bought great achievement.
Coming second in the ultimate game and finshing 3rd in a fun game.
I should have won but i blame my concentration was affected after Emily kept asking to see pictures on my camera. And a ball came back from the machine and gave me a foul.
also i failed to score on my last 6 attempts. so i finished with a score of 99.
the winner scored 103 so i wasnt a huge defeat.

So now i write this, waiting to be back in Portsmouth and waiting to work 2moro, go shopping 2moro, go to Met 2mro and pack 2moro.

I get back on Sunday morning and cant look forward to anything other than seeing my darling littleone, Abbuth.
IVe msised her like crazy and Sunday will be spent solely with her... its been a while.

Top 10 tunes of 2005
1. Bob Sinclar - Love generation
2. Coldplay ft. Richard ashcroft - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Live8 version)
3. Royksopp - What else is there (Thin whtie duke remix)
4. Baywatch - Theme
5. Jupiter ace - 1000 Years
6. Sunset Strippers - Waiting for a star to fall
7. Usher - Yeah (Devious club mix)
8. KAnye West - Slow Jams
9. Kings of LEon - King of the Rodeo
10. Arctic Mokies - Scumbag
Thank you and good day,
have a great 2006


Anonymous matt said...

u failed to mention before new years outing to met/pub. Also..who beat you in that 103-99 game. and we are not 'ghey'


Sun Jan 08, 08:39:00 PM  

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