Monday, February 06, 2006

Get your hands off my bikini!

As i draw towards the end of my male period, i am beginning t ofeel happier.
I get to have lobster on Tuesday!
AND i get taken out on Thursday as well!

Ive finally counted all my pictures too, since October 2005 I have taken 5,873 photos.

Also, Valentines is coming up... dunno what im doin.
All will be revealed...

Whoosh! Do you remember the 90's?
Funny email circulating, i think its you remember:

1. The sky sports blimp
2. Ice Poles for 10p
3. Flump marshmallows
4. KAppa and Adidas tracksuits that werent considered chavvy!


Last week my schedule was as follows:

Monday: Fuck All
Tuesday: Fuck all
Wendesday: Field trip to Portland, Dorset
Then purple wednesday at union
Thursday: Fuck all, planned day with the birds but didnt happen!
Friday: Field Trip to Lyme Regis, Anna's shebanging party
Saturday: Fuck All then movie night at spans with pizza
Sunday: Cricket then fuck all

LEts hope this week is more producive!
Happy Days.

Bear Out.


Anonymous matt said...

wow..fuck all sounds well fun!

Dom you remember the sky sports stickers in priemier league packs? numbers 1+2 i think..the blimp etc..twas good

Also..well done on photos

Tue Feb 07, 02:23:00 PM  

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