Friday, March 17, 2006


"Be weird, cos everyone else wants to be normal"

Why is the word Deadline, called Deadline?
Hmmm... Is it because your life would be on the line?
Comments please.

Related news: This week I have had lots of work to do.
possibly the most I have ever experienced at Uni.
I did shit loads tonight and as a reuslt am shit knackered.
I big snooze is on the cards, however I msut wake up for lecture and to hand in various pieces of coursework.

In other news: Ive eaten 11 bowls of cereal so far this week.
WOW. And its only Friday.

However, its not just any Friday. Its St Patricks day.
Hmmm It would have made sense to be drinking on your first ever legal St.PDay.
Oh well. Remain Strong Tim, Remain Strong.

I have invested 'illegally' in some chillout albums, most by Minsitry of Sound.
This chills me out and get sme past the thought of failing the first year.

Music always helps me out.
Thank you music.

I look forward to a busy weekend, but a relaxing one.
And to next Friday's deadlines!
another Lab Report and Another piece of coursework!

Oh What Fun.


Anonymous Matt said...

O Mr Bear!

Well..when you come back..we have plans. Plans such as:

.Going t see Tom.
.Getting fucked
.Thats all i can think of right now

When you back?

Sun Mar 19, 06:14:00 PM  

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