Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ode to a lonely fresher...


Wednesday, which was yesterday.
Crazy day. Hectic in zee lab finishing coursework.
Night was a chance to unwind.

After a few kopparbergs in spoons headed to union to find a few of the cricket boys.
So in tru fresher stylee one must get a round in and then get rid of it quite quickly, with a few salutes thrown in for good measure.

Before helping good old Brian "STD" out with the female bouncer, I had kissed goodbye to an early night.
Onward to the curry house said Big Bear. Like sheep we followed.

Dibble owes quids for taxi.
At curry house, ordered.
Bevvies in and food on table. Shit i need a fuckin piss.

Cock out, piss on.
Come backto the table, oh me oh my.
the boys of Old had rearranged my meal, with added spicyness, added alcohol and added scraps.
Also, Lime chicken.
Not good at all, makes me chunder, though didnt last ngiht.

Had to give it a go, wish i hadnt tasted rancid.

Paid, Danny and Dibble owe 25 quid each for runing off.
Fines next game too.

Also, walked home, somehow.
collapsed in mates flat, slept in his bed, lonely of course.
Woke up with big hair and snakebite stained clothes.
Felt like a horses arse. Looked worse.

Fun day ahead.

Good Day All.

bear out.