Friday, June 30, 2006

Late on a thrsday night!

Back from Work, need to ring my Abbuth, is she asleep?!
Won't wake her mummy n daddy though, so I must ring 2moro between shifts.

Looking to be a good weekend, get paid! Woot!
Cricket on Sunday again, agaisnt Daddy's boys! Enemy!

Not able to go see my Buth 2moro, but will promise to spend some time with her early next week. May get to see my new hizouse!

Urm, yes Im sexually frustrated. And aRRRRGHH! A Daddy longlegs just flew into my face.

In other news, im hungry.
So off to food room aka Kitchen!

Toodle OO my fandangos!


Anonymous facerape said...

look you fucking cunt, check out so you can take my advice on a new hifi set up.

Wed Aug 16, 05:00:00 PM  

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