Sunday, January 30, 2005

You i love that stuff....

Bear in the Big Blue House ^^

hello everyone that reads this...
up to 35000 hits thats not too shabby, 2000 coming in the space of 2 weeks ent bad either!

this weekend so far has been a little bit short of special...
Friday was ok, saturday @ work was a bit shoddy as i got called in cos they needed 'experience'...
and today im stuck doin english language coursework which has to be in 2moro...happy days!

Also on saturday day time, i convinced the boss to gimme a pay rise...which was nice.
Captivated by Faithless: No Roots album....
specially "I Want More" and "Miss you less, See You More"

top 5.

5. Studio B: I see Girls
4. Lovefreekz: Shine
3. Jupiter ace: 1000 Years (got this on vinyl now, release date likely to be MAY 2005!)
2. Faithless: Bluegrass
1. Hanson: Penny and Me

Special hello's to...

Katie in Sydney/Whitsunday Islands: "g'day"
Emma in Waterville "more darts next time!"
"Smell Bull in Gunthorpe!" - difficult

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Most Rated: 2004 Defected in the house...

In other words....No PMT!

Well, good evening sportsfans....

oooh la la....thinking of quitting school.
let few people down...
maybe get thrown out of the house....maybe a bit too extreme...

its just soooo boring and i can imagine the next few months being so much worse..

theres nothing gd going on for me and it jsut isnt gr8....
i wanna be in Australia.

A Gap Year?
then i wanna go uni? oh i dunno....sleep on it
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Billionnaire Boys Club

oresund bridge...

developed a craving for old Michael JAckson hits...including:
  • Rock With You
  • Beat It
  • Billie Jean
  • Rockin Robin
  • I want you back

    So yh thats gd.....had a v.prodcutive day today, few tricks, few mishaps, few funny moments...yunno.
    now off to do dull work....fallin asleep is preferred.

    Char char made me cackle about her theory of dinosaurs (woof), the moon and several other ponderings...which was nice.

    anywho....GOOD DAY!

    FOOTBALL 2MORO NIGHT @ the home of Mine.

    MAN UTD. VS. CHELSEA, 8pm. I have beer.

"I'm down, I've got the 411, and you are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don't care how dope his ride is. My mama didn't raise no foo'!"

Sunday, January 23, 2005

What is love?

This is a Panda....on an aeroplane?!


why am i still jealous? why havent i moved on? why am i hiding my real feelings?

what am i doing?


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Friday, January 21, 2005

"I can't wait for the weekend to begin..."

"Early Learning..."

Firstly the weekend top 10...

@ 10: Patrice Rushen, Forgive Me Nots
@ 9: Nelly ft. Justin Timberlake, Girlfriend
@ 8: The Supremes, Boyfriend Back*
@ 7: Unknown, Faith goes running
@ 6: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Califonication
@ 5: Hanson, Penny and Me
@ 4: Daft Punk ft. Michael Jackson: Rock with you
@ 3: CNN, Invincible
@ 2: Sunset Strippers/ Cabin Crew, Waiting for a star to fall
@ 1: Jupiter Ace, 1000 Years

* only in there for charlie

We will see what the weekend brings, revision? errrrr.....nah!
work 2night but no work 2moro, goin POSH vs.Oldham tho, lunch with the directors and then got an executive box to watch the game...

Yake it easy all...
Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you baby
That must be what you are

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Thoughts of the Day: Part II

Laura Donne Joins me on this delightful wednesday morning. I should be happy but i'm really a bit down, lets see if she can bring a smile to my face...

Tune of the day: Tiny Tot: Discoland

Word of the day: Wormhole

Game of the day: Spin t'Bottle

Sport of the day: Snowboarding

Sandwich of the day:
Salad sandwich

Cereal or Breakfast good of the day: Cinnamon Grahams

Supermodel of the day: Paris Hilton "what a babe"

Subject of the day:

Blog of the day:

So after another installment its goodbye from me "take it easy" and goodbye from laura, she leaves with the following quote:

"the best rules are the ones that havent been made up yet"

Monday, January 17, 2005

Messy Head: Take 2

What a Merry Weekend!
I had one of the best weekends to my knowledge, it was great, sunday could have been better though!

"i've been watching your world from a far
ive been trying to be where you are and
ive been secretly falling apart unseen
to me your strange and your beautiful
you'd be so perfect with me but you just cant see
you turn every head but you dont see me"

A good weekend is always followed by a crappy week...lots of work having to be in, coursework etc, katie leaving on wednesday, exams....not good.
.however a close source told me that it cld snow! that would atleast make me happy.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

"CNN, Network Channel 10"

had a moment spare....

the 'choon' is...

CNN (Capone 'n' N.O.R.E) : Invincible

Great video

and the tune from it is a CHOOOOOON!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Welcome to The Weekend

...Top 10 for this weekend

Kings of Leon: Four Kicks
Athlete: Wires
Kanye West: New Workout Plan
Michael Jackson: Blame it on the Boogie
David Morales: Needin U
Hanson: Penny and Me
Alter Ego: Rocker
Cabin Crew: Waiting for a Star to fall
Lionel Richie and the Commodores: 3 times a lady
Fugees: Killing me Softly

This weekend will be hectic...

"if youve got nothing good to say, dont say anything at all"

Ps. Busted have split up, i hope charlie is not too distraught...
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Usual...

How can i let you leave this way
The way that you are not at all
Cos I see things now in these memorys
Just to see you again

Sit back and relax

Desperate Housewives is on tonight, dunno whether or not to watch it sounds kinda 'birdy' smilar to sex in t'city, which wasnt ideal viewing pleasure...

it may be gd tho, worth a quick look anywho...
cant e bov'd to write anthing cos im not in t'mood.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Last Night a Dj Saved My Life...

just an update, part I of exams done, 2 exams today and two in about 2 weeks....
they were ok, but i cld have failed, maybe...i hope ive passed....

moving on to more interesting things....
i want summer sun....
however "i want doesnt get"

quite a bit of world geography knowledge below...

Need to do another demo tape, just wait till my new amp comes, complete with CD Player, 2 speakers, digital radio and a sub woofer and 400W of power...
i reckon damo, u might be able to hear it in the wilderness...

that will be all.

im goin crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinking bout you lately
im goin crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinking bout you baby..
..i just dont know what to do anymore
im goin crazy when i cant touch you
im going crazy when i cant hold you
im goin crazy when i cant see you again

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The Global Village

If the worlds was simplified to a community only 100 people
this is the result...

61 Asians
12 Europeans
12 Africans
14 Americas
1 Australian

50 men 50 women

74 are not white, 26 are white
67 are not christian, 33 are christian
6 people own 59% of the community's wealth

10 are homosexual

80 people live in poverty
33 die of famine
7 have a secondary education
8 own a computer
41 live without basic sanitation
13 have no water

If youve never seen a relative die in a war
if you have not been a slave
if you have not been tortured
youre luckier than 500 million people

1 person has AIDS

if you keep food in your fridge
keep clothes in your wardrobe
and have a roof over head
a bed to sleep in
you are richer than 75% of the entire world population

25 people struggle to live on 50p a day
47 people struggle to live on £1 a day

If you have a bank account you are one of the 9 richest people.

Of the village's total annual expenditures of just over £3m per year:
£181,000 is spent on weapons and warfare...
£159,000 is spent on education...
£132,000 is spent on health care.

if you can read these words you are in the 14% who can read
1 billion people in the world cant read

we have passion
you love and you dont need to be loved
you sing as if noone is listening
you dance as if noone is watching
you are extremely lucky

see also We Were Humans

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Got Love of rmy Shoes K Swiss...

"The Ideal Gents' Pic"

Unaware but underlined I figured out this story
It wasn't good
But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory
But that was not to be
In the twist of separation you excelled at being free
Can't you find a little room inside for me

No Top 10 this weekend cos i was a lil busy and didnt get round to it, a qwik top 5 now tho...

1. Babyshambles: Kilamagiro
2. Sir Mix a Lot: Baby Got Back
3. Take That: Back for good
4. Sunset Strippers: Falling Star
5. Missy Elliot: Get Your Freak On

What more can isay but "i had a gr8 weekend"
Need more like it....

A dilemna has arisen....

i have money but can only pick 1 or 2 of the following...

holiday to amsterdam
holiday to somewhere hot eg. cyprus or med islands?
v fest 2005

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Now this thing is jumpin', aint it somethin'

"Day After Tomorrow Movie Shot, Weird how fiction becomes fact"

As the Tsunami death toll continues to increase (now over 150,000) i recall the movie last summer " The Day after 2moro".

Cricket trainin tonight, as the start of the season is less than 6 months away! Gotta get in shape....We got a new captain and rumour has it that we are gonna get absolutly annilhated.

On other topics, this summer is lookin gd...
Amsterdam City Tour
Bermuda Cricket Team Tour

And then Uni after, i'm excited! Need to get some grades tho if i wanna get into Portsmouth. LEt the revision resume!
{Cant See that Happening}

"Where did it go wrong?
There nothing left to do
now cos she's gone, gone, gone

at which point you realise
life is but a joke & the laughs on you
its funny right?"

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I Claim to be a DJ?!

Left: Gemini iCDJ Desktop CD Player....
Middle: Stanton SMX-211 Mixer....
Right: Stanton 830 Direct Drive Turntable(1 of 2)...

Total Amount Spent? £790....

"GET and indeed IN!"
Damien this means, oh yes "A Boy Called Sue Remix..." and many other timeless classics...

Enough to make you say "ooh holy fuckin shit"

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I dont want to enter a title!

Back to School...

Well as the Christmas Holidays draw to a close, many things have been established and not a lot of revision has taken place. The few last beers remain in the fridge mainly because noone wants them cos they dont taste too good. I dread goin back to school but it will give me something to do i suppose, i havent reli been active alot in these hols but its been ok...

I shall look forward to my 'mystery bird' and spending time with someone who likes to spend time with me also...
Carrying on the Lyrical Feud....

"Come and hold my hand
I wanna contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I've been given
I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans
My head speaks a language
I don't understand"

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Living In America...

Funny how lyrics sum up how you feel...

The BeeGee's do wonders...

Well, you can tell by the way i use my walk,
I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.
Music loud and women warm, i've been kicked around
Since i was born.
And now it's all right. it's ok.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand

taken from the greates hits album: Stayin Alive...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

You Can't Hold On...


the first day of two thousand five

: no major new years resolutions but to get into uni...bit of pressure. thinking bout startin to revise this week not that i want to but its jsut something i have to do and hopefully it will take my mind of certain things. like last night, got intoxicated quite quickly after the rush from work ready to welcome the new year @ em's, which was nice.

Too much on my mind, been buggin people so i dont think making an effort is a great thing to do, i want things to get better but if one person doesnt care then there is no point for anything. Just want to get happy and wont be happy until things are in the past.

"Put your troubles behind you"
Richard E. Nixon 1976

Top 15: Going into the New Year

1. Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
2. Jamiraquoi: Virtual Insanity
3. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharell: Lets get Blown
4. Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply
5. Quindon Tarver: When Doves Cry
6. Shakedown: At Night
7. Red Hot Chilli's: Universally Speaking
8. Kings of Leon: Where Nobody Knows
9. Coldplay: Yellow
11. 112: Dance With Me
12: Eminem: We As Americans
13. Jay Z: 99 Problems (Linkin Park RMX)
14. The Source ft. Candi Station: You've Got the Love
15. NYE SPECIAL, Airwave: Alone in the Dark

"Sometimes i feel like throwing my hands in the air,
but you've got the love to see me through,
Sometimes i really just dont care,
but you've got the love i need to see me through"

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