Sunday, August 29, 2004

Slip n Slide Fun

Hi there sports fans....

now i am a fan of slip n slide i remeber about 2 years ago when we improvised with black bin liners and washing up liquid with a few mates...

it is quite rare to find a big sheet of something that when wet doesnt cause burns or any bad shit...


this post is of how not to slip n slide...enjoy...

slip n slide ouchee!

ps. just noticed i use '...' to often...

Blue Light Posted by Hello

Foreign Update...

اين جا هنوز نيمه شب است و
من هستم و
سوسوي خا

wow check tht shiznit i can write/type in arabic!!

i cld be a terrorist!

**smack's osama**

anywho with regards to the update every week probably later there is just some funny things on the interweb at the moment... is semi-hilarious.

also a number of other things....found a website for guys....just guys!

infact 2 whilst i think...

arent i clever...

if birds did read this i bet they would have clicked on at least one of th links! proof that women dont listen...

i really wanna get soem pictures on this thing but i try and it sez ne pas...

i shall have a go....below...


Friday, August 27, 2004

LA Luna


Saw this and just laughed....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Update every week.

because i start to study at school very shortly and it looks like i need to work hard to get into uni of my choice i will be tres busy so i will limit my updates to every week.

that will be all.



Ok Random topic number 1....

boobies, Melons, Tits, Bazookas, Mango's, breasticles, femi-glands, mounds etc...

do guys prefer big ones or small ones?

now im a firm believer that nice breasts come in all shapes and sizes. One girl i know has very nice...well everything.

ok so i prefer smaller ones but i dont mind big ones but i dont like huuuge ones. when i 'cop a feel' i like to be in complete control of the boob and not let it dominate my hand!

feel free to comment.

now paris hilton= too small???
jordan= too big??

introduce celebrities and ur opinion and ill give mine back.

Sunday/Monday V2004

ok so on sunday came the likes of Kings of Leon and The Pixies...i think. Anywho the best act of the day was Faithless. They were absolutely astonishing and i liked the set they did, maxxi jazz and lsk were awesome.

We dipped into the red light bar for a few beers and for me to charge my phone up so i cld contact katie (girl i like). wew tried meeting yesterday but twas unsuccesful. She's off to corfu on holiday on monday.

anywho we basically finiished the holiday that night and packed up leaving only our travelling clothes sleeping bags etc.

Went to bed feeling merry and happy. LEft at 6am the next day!!!!

Enjoyed listening to chris moyles on radio1 which was hilarious as usual. for more.

got home and rested that day before ringing katie just so i cld hear her voice as i have missed tlking to her for the past 2/3 weeks. So it was nice just getting up to scratch with her.

next post soon...

ps check out quite the hilarious random website.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


yesterday teddy bear arrived back to the cave from Staffordshire where he and friend and dad went to see v2004...nice.

On friday 20th we went in the silver ford galaxy and we arrived 2 aqnd 1/2 hrs later. We got ourselves a nice place and were feeling quite we ate.
we then explored and went to sleep after meeting the most stoned guys ever.

On saturday i woke up early like 8am! we had an 'all day breakfast' cooked by brian and it wasnt too bad seeing as though it came from a can! IT did however include beans of which i was popping out smelly farts all day. Which is quite a challenge when u dont dare use the festival toilets for a crap unless it has been sanitized 3 times and fumigated for STI's!!

anywho...saturday we got to see the likes of Kosheen, JAmie Cullum and NERD.
they were all quite good but we went to see the scissor sisters who were pants.

then at 9.30pm we got ready for the strokes who were awesome! Lots of drinking cider followed and major male bonding.

sunday to follow on my next post.