Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunday/Monday V2004

ok so on sunday came the likes of Kings of Leon and The Pixies...i think. Anywho the best act of the day was Faithless. They were absolutely astonishing and i liked the set they did, maxxi jazz and lsk were awesome.

We dipped into the red light bar for a few beers and for me to charge my phone up so i cld contact katie (girl i like). wew tried meeting yesterday but twas unsuccesful. She's off to corfu on holiday on monday.

anywho we basically finiished the holiday that night and packed up leaving only our travelling clothes sleeping bags etc.

Went to bed feeling merry and happy. LEft at 6am the next day!!!!

Enjoyed listening to chris moyles on radio1 which was hilarious as usual. for more.

got home and rested that day before ringing katie just so i cld hear her voice as i have missed tlking to her for the past 2/3 weeks. So it was nice just getting up to scratch with her.

next post soon...

ps check out quite the hilarious random website.