Tuesday, August 24, 2004


yesterday teddy bear arrived back to the cave from Staffordshire where he and friend and dad went to see v2004...nice.

On friday 20th we went in the silver ford galaxy and we arrived 2 aqnd 1/2 hrs later. We got ourselves a nice place and were feeling quite we ate.
we then explored and went to sleep after meeting the most stoned guys ever.

On saturday i woke up early like 8am! we had an 'all day breakfast' cooked by brian and it wasnt too bad seeing as though it came from a can! IT did however include beans of which i was popping out smelly farts all day. Which is quite a challenge when u dont dare use the festival toilets for a crap unless it has been sanitized 3 times and fumigated for STI's!!

anywho...saturday we got to see the likes of Kosheen, JAmie Cullum and NERD.
they were all quite good but we went to see the scissor sisters who were pants.

then at 9.30pm we got ready for the strokes who were awesome! Lots of drinking cider followed and major male bonding.

sunday to follow on my next post.