Thursday, December 30, 2004

"What's going On?"


You see pictures like this one above, innocent bodies lying dead in disease ridden flood waters. These people didnt ask for this.

Chris Martin once said...
"Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
In everything you do"

We live in a world where people are deemed better than others. We sit here in a warm room, dressed in expensive clothes nourished and we are provided with luxuries.
Life is extremely important to us as it is to the people in South East Asia, they do not take things for granted like we do. Go to your bathroom and turn on the tap, running water.
Citizens of Sumatra and Sri Lanka particularly will die if they drink what comes from water sources. They have no drinkable water, they have no aid. We live in Selfish democracies who dont care about anything but money.

Red Cross estimated that it would cost $15 Billion to repair the destruction. The UK and the USA (two of the biggest economical centre's on the earth's surface) contributed just $85 million. Under 2% of what is needed.

Dont take things for granted, you are extremely lucky.

Dont expect things or assume you know what goes on in other countries, truth is you have no idea.

The world is segragated, The third world needs help and it does come quick enough.

the number of casualties increases every hour.

117,000 and climbing...


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Monday, December 27, 2004

Time Is Not On My Side...

Well Christmas was good, many Beers drunk, many presents recieved and many winds passed.

For the first time tho, i had a grown up christmas. I dont know what i mean by this but an example is how i recieved socks and boxers and no toys.
However i had almost the whole chocolate cake thing to myself!

Many things have occured in my world, but time will tell if those develop. For now i shall keep my thoughts to myself.

I would write more but i really cant be bothered... Just copyin a CD for father and then its back to eat some chinese....

Arses of Fire!

(lack of image i know...)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Insert Title Here...

Top 10, Christmas Day

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1. Houston, Chingy & Nate Dogg: I like that
2. Dr Evil ft. Mini-me: Hard Knock Life (see below)
3. WTC Tribute: What's going on
4. Tom Jones ft. Cerys: Baby Its Cold Outside
5. 2Pac vs. Notorius BIG: Changes (Tim's Remix)
6. Bomfunk MC's: Freestyler
7. Usher ft P. Diddy: I need a girl (part 1)
8. Andre 3000: Prototype
9. Mylo: Otto's Journey
10. McFly: Not Alone


Take the base line out
No? You dont have to
Bounce with it

It's a hard knock life for us
It's a hard knock (yeah) life for us
Stead of treated, we get tricked
Stead of kisses, we get kicked
It's a hard knock life

I dont know how to be
no crib on MTV
God only knows
got my mini me
and the gps
see how it goes
Evil's all that i see
Youu ask me my name
D to the Rizzo
E to the Vizzo
I to the Lizzo
Im a crazy mother &&^*
Y'all knew that!
Austin caught me in the 1st act
its all backwards
what's with that?
so ill make a prophecy from the dogs
to the mini me
Gimme an escalade 2 way
Bling Bling on e-bay
domina mother &*^&

It's a hard knock life (yeah) for us
It's a hard knock life (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!) for us
Stead of treated, we (Uh Ha) get tricked
Stead of kisses, (This is for my hommies in Brucchce).we get kicked
Its the hard knock life for us(Uh hu uh hu uh hu)
It's a hard knock life for us
Stead of treated, we get tricked
Stead of Kisses, (Aaahhhh, Cristal, my moto, a couple of bihatches, why not?)
It's a hard knock life...


Merry Xmas

Friday, December 24, 2004

Ca Va?

Pour Charlie, Oui, j'adore le ouiseux de francais... le langue du francais cest tres bien!

Au Revoir!

Je joue au foot!
Nous sommes allez en ville?
Quest quil y a heure le piscine ferme?

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Inter-Galactic Space Ranger...
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Buzz rocks. i win damien. i win.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A new era

DJ News...

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wednesday december twenty second two thousand four

The set up changes...
Now accomodating a new mixer, new cd player and new needles...

Ooooh Weee!
Work later...sucky, on the bar though so should suffice...

3 days till xmas!

ho ho ho

Burning down the house...

One Small Step For Man...

Im not as happy as i was when i was with her
im not as sad as i was when i was without her.

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Baz Luhrman's Advice...

Everybody's free...

"Dont worry about the future, worry about the past or don't worry at all"

"The real problems in your life are things you dont know about"

"dont waste ur time with jealousy"

"do one thing everyday that scares"

"the race is long, and in the end its only you racing yourself"

"You are not as fat as you imagine"

"your choices are half chance, as our everybody elses"

"remember compliments you recieve, forget the insults"

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


We Come One

all the subtle flavours of my life have become,
bitter seeds and poisened leaves without you.
You represent whats true
I drained the colour from the sky and turn blue without you
These arms lack a purpose
Flappin like a hummingbird
im nervous cos im the left eye your the right
would it not be madness to fight
We come one

In you the song which rights my wrongs
In you the fullness of living
the power to begin again from right now
In you.

We come one.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Almost Christmas...


Round up of the days news, work at 1pm till 5. Was ok nothing special. Went into town after had a really gd milkshake! then went for a bit of christmas shoppin. saw emma and wheaty for a bit catching up on their news and views. Got home and had a nice chat online with someone very special. i think its getter better between us but who knows if it will ever be the same. nonetheless i was glad there was no swearing etc and we cld just speak.
Delivered MAtt n Ems christmas presents and had a little sta there for an hour or so watching Armageddon...jump across the 'island' and wrapped more presents whilst chatting to charlie again. Searched for my new Mylo Cd and i recomend it to anyone who likes it!

that shall be all

take it easy world.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weekend Events...


Starting on Friday night, due for le cinema, didnt happen. No Incredibles, wrong time metioned...oh well. To Foxcovert Pub then yonder towards the house of Tim. Evening wasnt great but i dont think it would have been fantastic, cldnt sense a great mood in the group.
Good breakfast on saturday morning of 15" pizza. Work later on but i go into town early to meet father and do shopping. Work sucked but not as mcuh as i thought. Biggest night of the year was sooo busy. Credit card machine broke and the bar was clogged up with 100 people.
Anywho, drove back on saturday night which was nice.

Sunday: Up at the crack of dawn! had to get into work at 11 so had to wake up at 10 ish. Popped into Alldays to get some credit, then went straight to work. Work was boring but i was lookign forward to footy which kept me going.

Picked up at 6.30 ish en route to parnwell in good spirits. Arriving at Power League the pressure was on us to secure ourselves aswell as push for a champs. league spot!
First game: Beneficials
Headline: Rampant Rovers see out Beneficial Win
Hero: Me, last gasp winner after coming on late in second half.
Score: 8-7

Second Game: Northside (Top Team)
Headline: Oh Well.
Hero: We all were heores, some more than others couple of good goals from mr carpenter but yunno...(see score)
Score: 22-5, Says enough.

After the game, mixed feeligns but we concentrated on winning the first game, we were winners and not losers. Were like the Middlesbrough of the Power League. Win some, lose some.

Sunday night, sleep. Ready for work on Monday! party time! less than a week till christmas. notice no christmas number ones below.

Take it Easy

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Christmas Top 10:

Christmas Top 10..

The Beastie Boys: Ch-Check It Out
Jupiter Ace: 1000 Years
Scissor Sisters: Filthy Gorgeous
Avenue 9: Right Now
Alter Ego: Rocker
R Kelly ft. twista: So Sexy
Delirium: Silence
Kanye West: So soulful
Mylo: Destroy Rock n Roll
Snoop Dogg ft Nelly: Chick Like You

Merry Christmas..

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Mistletoe and Wine...

Christmas is nearly upon us...
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Today, the last day of school, 'bout bloody time. Im dying for a lie in on monday. I sent all my christmas cards either today or yesterday, one stood out though, whether i should or should not give one to charlie, i did though. I thought it would be a polite thing to do.

Unusually in the run up towards christmas this year i have a night off on a friday! Off to le cinema to watch the incredibles. Will it be good i dunno, but i dont know what else is on.

Sweet dreams everybody!
Happy Holidays


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Ive just confirmed to Aunti Carol that i will be off to Abu Dhabi to see her in Easter...

For those who dont know this is a place near Iraq but it is very plush and full of oil, like Iraq.

My itinery is flying out on the 17th of April??? and spending ten days basking in sun, and what have you. Looking for someone to share the plane journey with though, 8-10 hours of my self can get annoying.

Anywho im happy for the meanwhile... until i wanna go skiing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yes Reverend, Twas Me...

New VW Microbus!
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As i sit printing my geography coursework: due date yesterday, i would like to thank firstly Em and Matt, they picked me up when i was down, i would also thank Emma who was always there with plenty of hugs, BUT i am still left with a dilemna. One that i must decide how to act.

There will be no briefing.

The facts are simple,
  • its lust not love
  • only one person is interested
  • no forgiveness has been given or recieved
  • no language has been spoken how it should be spoken

    I just am waiting, i dont know what for or how soon it will come but am waiting just for this one special thing from one special lady. an amazing lady although we have not had good times recently she's alsways been in my thoughts.
The solution is simple, the method is not.

Ps. I'd not like to Thank Salim from ASK as he did not make me a pizza earlier this evening and had to eat a piece of MGB with a Ceaser Salad when i could just have easily munched a 12" with Mozzarella, Pepperoni and Rocket (maybe a few prawns on there aswell?).

I'd also not like to thank Sarah and Eleanor for kciking me off the Bar this evening for giving away a couple bottle's of beer to people that i knew. At least i got a good tip though.
Thanks also to Mikey for savouring the moment in my section by passing wind in front of an 'experienced' chap, Qutos to the bird who thought i was somebody else and we had a chat thinking that i was some guy called James. My hearing didnt help becuase she swore that she asked me if my name was James first thing. A phone number the result, shall not get in contact with her cos my heart is still interested in Charlie.


Father Christmas is coming soon

10 Days!

God is pissed off...

Clouds aren't afraid to show their feelings...
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Can't be bothered to write something huge or write anything at all for that matter...

i'll just type that tonights random fact is:

"Coca Cola was originally green!"

(i wonder what it is made out of... does anyone actually know...?)


The Koreans have it bad...

Olympic Games Coursework...
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Yet another quiz...

Why does everyone keep making quizzes about themselves?

You are my hero.

You don't make quizzes about yourself.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by Charlie's site...

Wow, wasn't Captain Planet cool...

i still remember them having the "Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart!" i wish i could meet captain planet...

all captains were cool come to think of it...

Captain Scarlet
Captain Pugwash, altho not tht cool
Captain McAllister off the Simpsons
and Captain Birdseye! Wow....

im hungry for some fishfingers....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Gary Ward's Thoughts of the Day

Tune of the Day: Iggy Pop, The Passenger
Word of the Day: Phallis
Game of the Day: Tetris
Sport of The Day: Beach Volleyball
Sandwich of The Day: Chicken Mayonnaise, with a dash of corn
Cereal of the Day: Lucky Charms
Supermodel of the day: Brooke Burke
Subject of the day: None
And finally Blog of the day: TeddyBearBlog

Join next time when we shall have another persons 'Thoughts of the day"
So its goodbye from me "Goodbye" and Goodbye from Gary "Have a good christmas"


What colour are you!?


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Super Sunday...almost

Arsenal 2- 2 Chelsea
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The opening 2 minutes of every match are always exciting. In the match detailed above Arsenal went ahead and in the match i was involved in the other team did the same.

As Chelsea came back with 2 great goals (keeping them top of the premiership with Everton in 2nd and Arsenal still, a distant 3rd), Red Ball Rovers came back form a 4 goal deficit to end up losing by only one. RBR look set for a middle table spot but eyes are on a champions league place. Now Chelsea had a huge cash injection from a well known Russian, RBR on the other hand must cope with a certain 'Ditton'. Player/Manager Damien Carpenter describes him as "Leftback on the bench" and "the true underdog". Only thing is this underdog never has its day.

On a more positive note I opened my goal scoring account, quite a sloppy goal but a goal is a goal. In fantasy football i wld have gained the 3 points, plus another one for a quality assist to Damien earlier on.

The week looks shoddy ahead, school avec Geography coursework in and English Investigation in, and indeed the last week before christmas, nto gonna be great time for study...meh who cares.

Top 20's:

Top 20's:
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december twelvth two thousand four

Choons for chrimbo...speaking of which i found out that im working on the eve of christmas eve and New Years Eve and New Years Day! Shocking...

1: Chemical Brothers ft. Q Tip > Galvanize
2. Jupiter Ace > 1000 Years
3. George Michael > Faith
4. Busted > Last Christmas w. Acoustic Guitar
5. Paul McCartney > Wonderful Christmas Time
6. The Underdog Project > Saturday Night
7. Kanye West > Jesus Walks (Just Blaze Remix)
8. Groove Armada > At The River
9. Bamboo > Bamboogie
10. 112 > Peaches and Cream/ Dance with Me
11. The Thrills > Whatever Happened To Corey Haim
12. The Strokes > The End has No End
13. Gorillaz > 19/2000
14. DT8 Project > Sun Shining Down on Me
15. Chemical Brothers > Hey Boy Hey Girl
16. Beach Boys > Good Vibrations
17. Robert Miles > Children
18. 2 Pac > Until The End of Time
19. Eminem > My 1st Single
20. Trick Daddy > Lets Go

That shall be all...


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She doesnt want anything to do with me, it is the end but i dont want it to be.
I guess it takes 2 to tango tho...

Thursday, December 09, 2004


The Tidy Girls, Tidy Weekender
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Thinking is strange, So many questions unanswered, so many 'thoughts of the day' not published, i think it is time i brought back thought of the day. I have been waiting, storing thoughts for at least 3 weeks, thought my role had gone when Kim Graham had a thought about Jam Sandwiches, this was a warning. I must claim back the privelege and i shall... If i wake up.

Be prepared.
Also i felt today was ok, i recieved a great email from my Aunt who is situated in a place jsut south of Dubai, UAE. I have a visa to go there, got my plane ticket, think i will have to get a new passport though. Easter is gonna be gr8.
I didnt really see Charlie much today, which was probably for the best. Only in Afternoon registration, which went well, a group of us had a chat about christmas, some even sang, i was surprised that they knew all the words, and not just jingle bells!, no they knew the words to Away in a Manger, what did the teachers do at primary school!?

That shall be all until the weekend, when i will be unleashing the latest Top 10 chart.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dry your Eyes...

Why did i do it? i wish i knew for sure
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I dont know what to say, i dont want to share what im feeling.
I'm lost, afraid and dont know what to do.
"Lose one friend, Lose all friends, Lose Yourself"
Everything is going if not already gone.
And i've only got myself to blame.
Does life really want me? Do i really want life?

Nothing Left

staff night out, starting tonight.
work first, details later.
'tick tock tick tock'
no more life left.

Monday, December 06, 2004


In case i dont see ya, good afternoon, good evening, good night

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The same feeling never goes away, who is to blame? ...Me
Dont know what im feeling im very confuzzled. Went out for a drive earlier with Auntie Jackie and was ok, kinda took my mind off things.
I was due to watch the drama performance today but other things got on top of me, coursework is v. homosexual at the moment.
One Tree Hill was troubling me aswell, i dont know what happened, the guy had a heart attack then what? and where was lucas and the other guy going to? Theyre like the Wee Brown Dogs!
So i will stay tuned to friends on e4 +1 and listen to thunderbirds theme music while i suffer the effects of English Language Coursework.
"Thunderbirds Are Go!"

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Christmas Wish?

All I want for Christmas is Charlie...

If only wishes came true

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Ideal Set Up...Christmas 2004
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For all ye who i have upset/offended/ pissed off...I am sorry.

Sorry for annoying damien is suggesting him and charlie were more than friends

sorry to charlie to suggest i should move on

sorry to the walton bird who without talking to her have already offended her

sorry to the whole world

Summer 2005!

Club 18-30 for y'all!
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Saw this Ad, and thought what fun it would be summer 2005.
Everyone would be 18, legal to drink and have "a good time"...

any suggestions? Magaluf? Costa Del Sol? Greece? Canaries?

Somewhere cheap somewhere in Europe somewhere where we can get many things, like 'Souvenirs!'

we could get T-Shirts!

Saturday, December 04, 2004


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I made booboo... Charlie if you read this, i am sorry for writing previous comment about 'moving on', but surely you can understand that if you have broken up with me i am gonna be a bit upset, you said you werent gonna get bk with me so what have i left to do?

Carpe Diem:: " Cease the Day"

Life is short, i know i want to be with you but what can i do on your half?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Welcome to the Weekend:

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Top Ten Records
  1. Eminem: Like Toy Soldiers
  2. Modjo: Lady
  3. Queens Of The Stone Age: No-one knows
  4. Killers: Somebody Told Me
  5. Kings Of Leon: Where nobody knows
  6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication
  7. Pharrel ft. Snoop Dogg: Drop It...
  8. Sunset Strippers: Falling Star
  9. The Ones: Flawless
  10. Narcotic Thrust: When The dawn Breaks...

Those were the Top 10's, Will update whenever i feel like it, im gonna get ready for work soon, but anyway ill update you on my current deck situation.

My needles are pretty crappy now and will replace them soon methinks, the CD Player still sounds good and a new mixer is definetly on the cards.


RIP: Wes Pateman

The tube...What fun!

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Damien, we shall go to Cockfosters just to look at the sign and laugh...
Must be the funniest station other than 'Elephant and Castle" so yeh we must after or before christmas!

We must have set a record for the most tube stations visited in a lunch break of a psychology conference!
Well Done.


Fonzie says...
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Absoluta-mundo, come bk from school/ driving lesson which was quite boring, driving and thinking bout booking my test again soon...
Dont like the instructor so i better pass quickly..

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Le Underground...

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50 things you never knew about the London Underground:

  1. There is only one tube station name which does not have any letters of the word "mackerel" in it - St John's Wood.

  2. There are only two tube stations which have all five vowels in them - Mansion House and South Ealing.

  3. Considering there are 287 tube stations, things 1 and 2 are quite surprising.

  4. Chancery Lane has the shortest escalator on the system - 50 steps.

  5. Travelling on the tube for 40 minutes is the equivalent of smoking two cigarettes - so save yourself a packet, all you smokers and get on the tube more often.

  6. The shortest distance between tube stations is Leicester Square and Covent Garden on the Piccadilly line - 0.16 miles.

  7. The most popular route for tourists is Leicester Square to Covent Garden on the Piccadilly line. It is quicker to walk this distance than travel on the tube.

  8. The only tube station which shares the name of a well known pop group is All Saints (yeah I know it's on the Docklands Light Railway - but it's still on the tube map).

  9. The phrase "Mind the Gap" originated on the Northern line.

  10. The Jubilee line was originally going to be called the Fleet line.

  11. Northfields station on the Piccadilly line was the first to use kestrels and hawks to kill pigeons and stop them setting up homes in stations.

  12. The Central line covers the longest route - from West Ruislip to Epping you will travel 34 miles without changing.

  13. The Waterloo and City line covers the shortest route - 2 kilometres, but considering it only covers two stations - Waterloo and Bank, it doesn't take Stephen Hawkins to work that one out.

  14. The oldest tube line in the world is the Metropolitan line. It opened on the 10th January 1863.

  15. Tube carriages originally had no windows and buttoned upholstery and were nicknamed "padded cells". No change there then.

  16. Men have to sit with their legs apart when travelling on the tube. This is due to special magnetic fibres on the upholstery of the seats which interacts with testosterone to provide an antimagnetic outward force.

  17. Julian Lloyd Webber was London Underground's first official busker - I didn't know he needed the money that badly.

  18. More of the London Underground is open than in a tunnel. Tell yourself this fact if you suffer from claustrophobia.

  19. Bank has more escalators than any other station on the tube - 15 plus two moving walkways - count em!

  20. Out of the 287 stations, only 29 are south of the river Thames.

  21. One of the female automated voice announcers is called Sonia - because her voice "gets on yer nerves".

  22. Fish and Parcels is the slang name for the District Line. It should be Pony and Trap.

  23. Edward Johnston designed the font for the London Underground in 1916.

  24. The peak hour for tube suicides is 11am.

  25. The Jubilee Line Extension was the most expensive railway line ever built. It cost USD 330 million per kilometre. Shame they didn't make the platforms and the trains bigger though.

  26. All 409 escalators do the equivalent of two round the world trips every week.

  27. Amersham is not only the most westerly station on the tube it is also the highest - 150 metres above sea level.

  28. People were smaller when the carriages were built in the 1860's - which is one of the reasons why you'll find your journey so uncomfortable today.

  29. Harry Beck, designer of the tube map in 1933, was only paid five guineas for his original job. His design is still the basis of today's tube map.

  30. The first escalator was introduced at Earls Court in 1911.

  31. Gladstone and Dr Barnado were the only people to ever have their coffins transported by tube.

  32. Not only were the early escalators made of wood, but also the legs of the people who demonstrated them. Wooden legged Bumper Harris was employed to travel up and down the tube's first escalator to prove that it was safe.

  33. Angel has Western Europe's longest escalator - 318 steps.

  34. Mosquitoes that live in the underground have evolved into a completely different species, one that appears separated from the above ground mozzie by over a thousand years.

  35. Regent's Park, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park Corner and Bank are some of the few stations which do not have an above ground surface building.

  36. The air in the underground is on average 10°C hotter than the air on the surface.

  37. People who commit suicide by throwing themselves under tube are called "one-unders". In New York they are known as "track pizza". Choose your preference.

  38. Pigeons regularly travel from West Ham in east London to central London on the tube in order to get more food.

  39. The best places to spot mice running around the tracks of the underground are Waterloo station (northbound on the Bakerloo line) and any platform at Oxford Circus.

  40. Green grapes cause more accidents on the London Underground than banana skins.

  41. Anthea Turner and her sister Wendy have written a series of children's books about mice living on the London Underground. An estimated half a million mice live in the Underground system so that should keep them both busy for a while.

  42. Only one person was ever born in a tube carriage and her name is Thelma Ursula Beatrice Eleanor - check out her initials. She was born in 1924 on a Bakerloo line train at Elephant & Castle.

  43. The Gappe is a little known bird/bat like creature, which only tube announcers can see and we are often told to mind them.

  44. Victoria and King's Cross record the highest number of tube suicides each year. This isn't surprising as Victoria is the tube's busiest station with 85 million passengers each year and King's Cross has 70 million passengers each year.

  45. Aldwych station (now closed) is featured on level 12 in the Tomb Raider game with Lara Croft killing rats.

  46. Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance starred in a 1970s horror film called Death Line (a.k.a Raw Meat), where man eating troglodytes terrorised people on the London Underground.

  47. The Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate bar is the biggest seller in the chocolate machines at tube stations.

  48. A fragrance called "Madeleine" was introduced at St James Park, Euston and Piccadilly station in an effort to make the tube smell better on 23rd March 2001. It was taken out of action on 24th March 2001 as it was making people feel sick.

  49. The sexiest film scene featuring the London Underground is The Wings of the Dove. Helena Bonham Carter and Linus Roache travel in a 19th century carriage together, then get off and make love in a lift. Who said there's no romance on the tube?

  50. Speaking of doves, buskers cannot sing