Monday, December 06, 2004


In case i dont see ya, good afternoon, good evening, good night

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The same feeling never goes away, who is to blame? ...Me
Dont know what im feeling im very confuzzled. Went out for a drive earlier with Auntie Jackie and was ok, kinda took my mind off things.
I was due to watch the drama performance today but other things got on top of me, coursework is v. homosexual at the moment.
One Tree Hill was troubling me aswell, i dont know what happened, the guy had a heart attack then what? and where was lucas and the other guy going to? Theyre like the Wee Brown Dogs!
So i will stay tuned to friends on e4 +1 and listen to thunderbirds theme music while i suffer the effects of English Language Coursework.
"Thunderbirds Are Go!"