Thursday, December 09, 2004


The Tidy Girls, Tidy Weekender
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Thinking is strange, So many questions unanswered, so many 'thoughts of the day' not published, i think it is time i brought back thought of the day. I have been waiting, storing thoughts for at least 3 weeks, thought my role had gone when Kim Graham had a thought about Jam Sandwiches, this was a warning. I must claim back the privelege and i shall... If i wake up.

Be prepared.
Also i felt today was ok, i recieved a great email from my Aunt who is situated in a place jsut south of Dubai, UAE. I have a visa to go there, got my plane ticket, think i will have to get a new passport though. Easter is gonna be gr8.
I didnt really see Charlie much today, which was probably for the best. Only in Afternoon registration, which went well, a group of us had a chat about christmas, some even sang, i was surprised that they knew all the words, and not just jingle bells!, no they knew the words to Away in a Manger, what did the teachers do at primary school!?

That shall be all until the weekend, when i will be unleashing the latest Top 10 chart.