Sunday, December 12, 2004

Super Sunday...almost

Arsenal 2- 2 Chelsea
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The opening 2 minutes of every match are always exciting. In the match detailed above Arsenal went ahead and in the match i was involved in the other team did the same.

As Chelsea came back with 2 great goals (keeping them top of the premiership with Everton in 2nd and Arsenal still, a distant 3rd), Red Ball Rovers came back form a 4 goal deficit to end up losing by only one. RBR look set for a middle table spot but eyes are on a champions league place. Now Chelsea had a huge cash injection from a well known Russian, RBR on the other hand must cope with a certain 'Ditton'. Player/Manager Damien Carpenter describes him as "Leftback on the bench" and "the true underdog". Only thing is this underdog never has its day.

On a more positive note I opened my goal scoring account, quite a sloppy goal but a goal is a goal. In fantasy football i wld have gained the 3 points, plus another one for a quality assist to Damien earlier on.

The week looks shoddy ahead, school avec Geography coursework in and English Investigation in, and indeed the last week before christmas, nto gonna be great time for study...meh who cares.