Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yes Reverend, Twas Me...

New VW Microbus!
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As i sit printing my geography coursework: due date yesterday, i would like to thank firstly Em and Matt, they picked me up when i was down, i would also thank Emma who was always there with plenty of hugs, BUT i am still left with a dilemna. One that i must decide how to act.

There will be no briefing.

The facts are simple,
  • its lust not love
  • only one person is interested
  • no forgiveness has been given or recieved
  • no language has been spoken how it should be spoken

    I just am waiting, i dont know what for or how soon it will come but am waiting just for this one special thing from one special lady. an amazing lady although we have not had good times recently she's alsways been in my thoughts.
The solution is simple, the method is not.

Ps. I'd not like to Thank Salim from ASK as he did not make me a pizza earlier this evening and had to eat a piece of MGB with a Ceaser Salad when i could just have easily munched a 12" with Mozzarella, Pepperoni and Rocket (maybe a few prawns on there aswell?).

I'd also not like to thank Sarah and Eleanor for kciking me off the Bar this evening for giving away a couple bottle's of beer to people that i knew. At least i got a good tip though.
Thanks also to Mikey for savouring the moment in my section by passing wind in front of an 'experienced' chap, Qutos to the bird who thought i was somebody else and we had a chat thinking that i was some guy called James. My hearing didnt help becuase she swore that she asked me if my name was James first thing. A phone number the result, shall not get in contact with her cos my heart is still interested in Charlie.